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Hey Devs ! Read this!

I think for some players this is obvious…but in case the devs havent figured it out yet…its like this.

When trading becomes available and ofc multiplayer along side it…at least 50% of player base (at that time, not now) will get a 2nd account. NO DOUBT !

So yeah…i thought if the devs might need some more support faster, maybe just let us trade :slight_smile:
GZ on 8.4, getting snacks and drinks ready for tonight. RESPECT !

Multiplayer will definitely get more people playing & maybe getting multiple accounts for them and their friends…

but, how would a second account benefit the proposed boot-sale type Trading system currently proposed by the devs?

am I missing something?

What would the benefit be of an second account beside trying to multibox (which i wont do)

So far, they have said there will be no “global” trade, and only very limited forms (example: trade within a Party of an item which dropped while you were in the Party.)

Well i didnt know that sorry. Well…what can i say…if this game’s creators decide to make a garbage game just in favor of the company…u know like some trash los tark…then please make a big announcemnet saying : “u wont be able to trade freely like in poe” so we know to ask for a refund right ?

i mean…if ur not a streamer…why would u play a non-free-trade game in the era we live in ? Maybe if ur 10 year old yeah.

Dont get me wrong…the gameplay and story and mostly all about Last Epoch is stictly straight on the good road to succes. But because they said they will introduce trading. I didnt hear it was a limited trading…but if so pls say it. Cause that road to succes will plunder down fast to los-tark corner where there are 7k people playing after 3 years since game released. Hmm why would that be ? Maybe cause u cant trade freely i presume ?

Be a gamer…but be a realist also…were not immortals…i want my time spent in the game justified one way or another. Beeing able to trade like in poe or d2 is excatly what every game need. Take examples if not my word…just look at gaming comunity. Every single game that has free trade is still playd even after 10-20 years, just cause of the trade. Games with next gen graphcis and epic boss fights have miniscule players even after 2-3 years cause of the pathetic limited trade they have… u know…free trade means u care about who plays ur game…and not just about that it’s beeing played :wink:

Maybe if ur 10 year old yeah.

Some much irony here, considering the content of the post.


To be clear, in my time, PoE didn’t have any global trading system. Did they change that ? Because I remember needed to go to some fanmade site that allow you to see what people are selling and then PM the Seller and invited him to your ‘party’ to start a trade. Even the currency for those trade was ‘fanmade’ in my opinion (you never use gold for those).

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This is correct.

It’s still the same, although they have an official trade site on their main page now. You still have to PM the other person and join a party with them to trade.

I would also point out that PoE’s trade economy works because of the “currency” in the game. Trade economies that use “gold” usually fall pretty flat because the amounts get up to the millions pretty quick.

I dont mind if i have to go to a site that redirects me to a hidden site that asks for a id verification and then having to pm or even yaho mail the person to trade with him in the end. Absolutly not at all.

What i not want to see, is this “So far, they have said there will be no “global” trade, and only very limited forms (example: trade within a Party of an item which dropped while you were in the Party.)” as a permanent solution.

If that would be the 1st trading system, on the way to what poe or d2r has now…then its good.

What i say by free trade - is that u can trade anything with anyone anytime anywhere, u just click on him, trade, and any item that u can have in ur stash or inventory, even the ingredients, should be tradeable. That is free trade in favour also of the player and not just the game company.

U say games with just gold go down fast, and poe’s economy is good cause of its currency, very true, but still, d2r did not fall cause of gold, or cause it has just one currency (in game i mean). The 2 main reasons d2r is down is cause of the dupers crashing the servers, and d2jsp that totally destroyed any items value just cause of how fast things are moving on that forum. Any game that uses d2jsp as a intermediry trade site, is falling at light speed cause of them.

Look at los tark, 3 years since realase, and even in their regions almost no one is playing. Why ? Cause it p2p and p2w and u cant even trade things u find, not mentioning the incredible level of cringe everywhere but that is just korean culture.

If the final goal is to get trade like poe has now, then yeah, Last Epoch will definitly compete with poe maybe even poe2.

My point was that gold doesn’t work as a trade currency. Players find some other thing to use as base currency. In old D2 it was SoJs. In new D2 it seems to be high end Runes. Either way, gold lost its value.

What would that be in LE? There doesn’t seem to be anything currently that is both rare enough to hold value but common enough that people can use it as currency? Maybe some of the new rare crafting mats?

Last Epoch will not have direct player-to-player trade, as far as we know.

There will be a RNG Loot Bazaar where you can randomly see random items from random players with absolutely 0 control over what you see and which players’ listings you see. It will essentially just be like a real-life flea market. You have no idea what will be there, but you might walk away with a fishing rod and a cool mug.


Hey Devs ! Read this!

I don’t think there’s any need for them to read this.

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F trading. It interferes with the kill-loot-upgrade-kill faster game loop. When trading becomes a thing, loot drops become abysmal because otherwise everyone will be in BIS gear on Week 1. Those who don’t want to engage in the trade mechanic are left dramatically behind.

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I don’t like the way you speak to others and I don’t like your ideas. I disagree with everything about you.

I especially dislike the way you tried to clickbait title this thread. The devs read everything here. You’re not special. Next time, write a proper thread title and not a demand for attention.


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