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Guidelines on posting here and contacting EHG

When it is appropriate to contact ehg directly

You should send an e-mail to if;
  • You would like to upgrade a previous purchase.
  • You are interested in arranging a custom purchase.
  • You have not received a title on Discord, or forum supporter title.
  • You wish to ask about a refund, or other customer service issue.


When it is appropriate to post on the forum

Examples of when posting on the forum is a good idea;
  • You have a question about the contents of a supporter pack.
  • You're asking something general (e.g. "can I buy old packs?").
  • Your question is about how best to contact EHG about something.


What it is not appropriate to include in a forum post

The following will result in your post being edited or deleted;
  • This is a public forum - please do not post sensitive information here!
  • All e-mails to and from EHG are considered to be strictly confidential.
  • It is not appropriate to complain about individual employees on the forum.

In the interests of transparency, reasons for the above include;

  • It is unfair to criticize specific employees for following company policy.
  • Public complaints about individuals can result in witch-hunts and other harassment.
  • Appeals and complaints sent to are forwarded to senior staff.