Glyphs of Hope should be sold by vendors

I do this mostly up to Lagon because there is 0 need to craft in the story part of the game outside of a sprinkle of resis here and there. If you waste GoH it’s a you issue. I saved mine up and could propably kill enemys with them if I were able to throw the glyphs at them.

There isn’t there is simply a smart way to play the game and a not so smart way to play the game. If you waste valuable ressources in phases of the game where they are least needed… well.

No it’s wrong. You play to level 50 where no items drop to be even worth shattering that’s why you have plenty of them. When you reach higher levels more items with intresting stats drop that you want to shatter. I had times with 3 stashes full of possible good items / shatter worthy items and didn’t shatter them to save my runes of shattering until I spent enough gold to accumulate some.

All in all I’m against purchaseable GoH. GoH are bad by design because we want to use them for every possible craft anyway. They could simply remove these glyphs and reduce the rate of FP consumption and be done with it.

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