FYI: You can block certain authors here if you don't want to see their posts (with a uBlock filter)

Hi folks, just thought I’d share a tip…

I’m pretty new to this forum, but there seems to be a bit of recurring hostility from a certain few users. Some Discourse instances allow users to ignore each other, but that option doesn’t seem to be turned on here (mods/devs, it would be great to have “Ignore” enabled alongside “Mute”!). (Edit: Actually, you just have to be at the forum’s “trust level: member” to use the built-in ignore function.)

For now, if you use uBlock Origin or a similar ad blocker, there’s a simple filter you can use to hide all their posts:[aria-label$="THEIR_USERNAME_HERE" i])

For example, if you want to block me (aww), it’d be:[aria-label$="pewpewpewpewpew" i])

Make sure you leave the trailing i in there, for case-insensitivity.

I find that the forum is much nicer this way :slight_smile: Most people here are thoughtful and kind, but there’s a few recurring posters who I’d personally just rather not hear from. No need to engage with them when you can just pretend they don’t exist.


Oops, moved to Off-Topic. I posted in the wrong forum originally.

rofl that’s brilliant!
Best part is we still get to see threads they opened, just not their nonsense
definitely gonna add a few names on the Death Note. tyvm :heart:


Lol, it’s also amazing that I can say:

Hi folks…

And then a second later you show up like a summoned minion :joy:

Best part is we still get to see threads they opened

You can also hide their posts with a separate filter, if you want:[data-user-card="YOUR_WORST_ENEMY" i])

Good to know. But it really should be a feature of the forums

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I agree. Discourse supports this natively, so hopefully they can consider enabling that.

You can ignore people here:
Or Click on them and go to the top right to ignore.

That last bit doesn’t work on Private profiles, it seems, although I doubt the average user knows where that is.


How do I make it that I only see posts that agree with my opinions? I don’t mean posts by people I agree with some of the time, I mean posts that confirm my opinions.

Have you tried using facebook?

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That only works if the setting if enabled. It doesn’t appear to be for this instance (the LE forum). I don’t see the “Ignore” option in either place.

I use a script to automatically replace all negative posts with something that agrees with me instead. (Thanks, ChatGPT!) It uses a lot of bullet points and sometimes talks about builds that don’t exist, but overall the forum is a much nicer place now! :slight_smile:

Reality is overrated anyway. Nutin’ wrong with putting up some Ward over my delicate sensibilities.

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No, I think it only works if you don’t have your own profile hidden.

My Preferences tab:
What I get as a public user:

You can’t ignore the devs either, which is why I had to pick on Heavy in that second screen :wink:

Mysterious. I didn’t even realize my profile was hidden (oops), but even after making it public, I still don’t see any Ignore options for anyone. Hmm…

Strange, because now I can ignore you though :smirk:

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it might have to do with the forum’s “trust level”. It says you’re a “basic user”. I’m a “member” like Airowird and I can see the settings he’s referring to.


Maybe it’s a Discourse “trust level” thing? I see you’re a “member” and I’m a “basic user”. I always thought I was more acidic, but whatever.

But then who would use my awesome blocker? :cry:

Aha, indeed! And simulpost :slight_smile:

Mystery solved, thanks!

You’re so basic you can’t even?

Thanks for the script and thanks for the info on ignoring! I don’t post much, but I read here every now and then and without the ability to ignore users, I would have just left for good.
It’s quite silly though that I have to resort to a filter rule for a feature that is even already implemented. I wonder what the reasoning behind that gating was.

Edit: I would like to share the irony of the fact that this very post put me on the higher trust level which allows me to ignore users. I hope it amuses someone else as much as it did me :slight_smile:

The risk of making ignore functions too easy is probably that you start to create sort of an echo-chamber.
Maybe not in a Facebook-algorithm kind of way, but you’re essentially only allowing “good” opinions to be visible to you, carving out a subsection of the forums for like-minded people.

Forcing you to do some effort means you’ll be more likely to not bother ignoring people that just disagree with you vs the completely toxic folks. It atleast gives you more different PoVs to interact with.

And yeah, that last one is actually funny, I laughed as well.