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I’ve asked this several times now. But I’ve not gotten a straight answer.

Can I know if it is intended that we can buy different supporter packs in the same series and have all the badges displayed on forum? Is it also intended that buying a supporter pack only gives the badge for the specific tier (i.e. Ardent Lord only gives the Ardent Lord badge and not all those below it?)

I know this sounds like trivial questions to many but for some people it matters and it would absolutely affect how I consider buying future support packs. I hope EHG decide on a clear policy please!

Hi there,

We currently do not have any information on whether or not this will be made available in the future. While it is not an unreasonable request, I will not make any promises.

Kind regards,

Erh. I understand the policy isn’t decided yet (though I think it should).

But from the response I am not still not sure what is the answer to my 2 question about how the ardent series of badges work?

Yes, using your example, a player purchasing the Ardent Lord pack will only receive the Ardent Lord badge. This helps our support team understand what rewards the player should have access to in game should they experience any issues accessing or equipping said rewards.

I see… Alright :slight_smile:

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