Eternity Cache's (weighted?) RNG?

@apohawk - You get my drift, I certainly don’t believe that 16 is remotely close to statistical significance. Since no player will ever reach a large enough sample for a scenario like this… I was simply hoping to point out an observation and thought 1% was at least irregular enough to share.

I’ve been testing my theory since and have been slamming any items with 1 86% re-roll / 3-non and seeing less drastic but similar results (sub 10%).

Maybe that’s what I was meant to do on my first ever cycle on LE. Stop farming BIS and slam all 40 of my tabs to build the largest sample I can :sweat_smile:

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Yes, smashing uniques into some sort of LP upgrade shard would be so nice.

I’m actually optimistic for D4’s version of loot 2.0. As you note, this game is very RNG. In both I hit a point where I’m looking at a bazillion pieces of gear trying to find something I can craft to get an incremental upgrades, only there is no real goal for the power.

My general solution is to reroll and play an alt. I’m on #4, with a pally main in empowered monos. I had intended to stick to either the necro or falconer but then I dropped Herald of the Scurry. Squirrel!

It’s still all RnG… There is no pity system here XD