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Disintegrate not critting

Just started my deathray playthru. I have had a couple 100% crit shrines pop up, but they dont seem to work with disintegrate. disintegrate is lv 8 ( 1 in galvanized defense, 4 in lucomancer, 2 magnify, 1 infernal ray) so no anti crit nodes. same with my passives (ice and fire, sun and storms, elementalist, reactive ward, warden, mage flurry). Not sure why I am not getting crit numebrs?

Disintegrate does not “hit” enemies - it rather has damage over time (DOT) characteristics. DOT skills cannot critically “hit”. So with disintegrate, you usually would not invest into crit chance at all. There is one exception, but you still do not crit with Disintegrate.

interesting. feels weird having a DoT spell that you channel, but thank you

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