December Development Update: 0.9.0 Date Locked!

Why limit to a fewer amount of players when you can give access to all owners? It would seem counterintuitive to get feedback to have a restriction on player count and then suddenly open to everyone in a short period of time.

Because it’s ambiguous if the system is being expanded or if they are just deep diving into how the item gifting works. Just curious.

Yeah, that’s fair enough, everybody wants to know more about trade, but, “more details to come”.

Trade is a very big topic, with a lot of conversation around it. We are doing a dedicated post for it for that reason. The Development Blog is an overview of a whole bunch of things that we’re working on and some insight behind the different things. While trade is one of those things, it’s such a large topic we want it to have a dedicated post.


So, more details to come?

Thanks for the detailed and well explained post. Excited for more!

I want to take a walk in the new Ettera!

So there is nothing about the quest echos & stability here… Was that announced before how it is going to work?

Are all party members going to gain stability when they finish an echo, so they can do the quest echoes / the boss multiple times by changing the party leader?

Also how is it going to work with bonus stability? Because more players means more monsters killed. So it will further accelerate the progression.

Sounds great :+1::+1:

That seems fine and well but they should be testing somehow if they take the stupid route and allow 150k players to all login at once like good old idiot GGG does riding off peoples motivation train to not miss league launches

Instead of allowing everyone to login 1 hour early and being frozen unable to move until 4am when the league launches so everyone can smoothly login…no they just want everyone to spam the login queue over and over until they get a spot, the league then launches at 4am and allows 150 in a second or so. good luck if you didnt get up at 1:30am to hit enter - you are now in a 45,000 queue that will take you 13 minutes to login

Once you login you move 3 zones then the server crashes due to load and you are back in queue again. the amount of fkn league launches that went this way was ridiculous, they have improved the situation but they cause it by not staggering the logins over a period

Funny thing is races which ultimately mean nothing to a league launch they allow you to login prior and be frozen waiting for a timer presumably so people can login?

I remember one amazing league due to rollbacks/crashes/login issues I had moved around 7 zones in 2 hours, took like 3 hours to finish act 1 was an absolute joke


Thanks for the update, I gotta say things are really shaping up for something big! Here’s hoping for a great multiplayer launch and a full swing on producing all the other content you guy’s (and gal’s) still have in store for us that’s going to blow our socks away, before the big launch day!

Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Yeah, I don’t miss PoE launches.

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No new content!?! Animation updates, Skill updates, etc are not content.

That would be what, 12 months without a meaningful content patch, thats pretty disappointing in all honesty.

So 1.0 it will be then i suppose.

I wish you well.

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OMG :drooling_face:

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I don’t miss a bad PoE launch.

You can only do so much when you’re fully committed to make a cornerstone feature of the game as polished as physically possible, especially if even a single screwup might herald the entire project’s untimely demise (take a look at Wolcen as the most recent glaring example of said screwup, or a streak thereof even). And don’t forget, they essentially have an entirely separate codebase to implement this feature in, not to mention networking in itself being one hell of a can of worms to delve into (heck, I’m scared to delve into it as a sysadmin of all things; you basically have NO room for error here). Considering all the similar launches across different games and their varying degree of screwed up, I say EHG is doing their job really well so far. The very fact that they’re pretty open about everything they do is good enough for me to stock up on patience.

Long story short, no hype = no disappointment. Stay level-headed. EHG will deliver. :slight_smile:


Crossing my fingers for everything going smoothly.

Short story = Not hyped, end of story.

Comparing is killing the thing you love.
Just like in life, healing is required to thrive from certain situations, and healing takes time. Like a tree with deep roots, steadily and slowly growing into something wonderful, it needs time.

As long as LE has not launched, I don’t see why people are concerned about how LE measures to upcoming releases like D4 & PoE2. The game is still in fully blown beta.

I understand most people who complain and discuss do this because they love LE, or they wouldn’t care to put energy into it. So if you love LE, trust in the flower that needs time to grow that is LE so it can shine for a long time.

It gives me confidence in the project to see a clear direction for the game as developers shouldn’t listen TOO much to feedback from players, most of them just don’t have patience and are spoiled by instant gratification. Keep it up EHG :slight_smile:


So what role will you want? The Party Leader who gets to choose their specific rewards on the web, or the Party Member who gets to choose between two options, each echo with the potential for even better rewards than the Party Leader picked?

That’s rad actually. Given that in-party trading is being released at the same time, the party can focus on rewards chosen by party leader for a party leader - and barter the rest like civilized people. After all, that’s what trade system is for in games with indetermined rewards. And, after all, that’s what party leaders are for.

March 9th is a bit of a bummer - but it’s better to have a date in far far advance rather than no date at all (which was outright disturbing).

This major content patch will also be coming with all sorts of other performance, combat, and gameplay feel improvements that you can enjoy with your friends.

I’d really appreciate a rollback to pre-2019 version of Unity. Which was, you know, more stable and less resource-hungry. Or literally any other means for dealing with that.

P. S.

Remember GOG version of Wolcen? It exists, you know, and GOG still advertises it in their game installers. Hehehehehe…

Nice! Now just bring us a true multiplayer with free trade system without excuses :smiley: