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Cosplay Build Guide - Mage

Hello Travelers!
It has been a long road behind the scenes here in the Last Epoch dev world. From our animation team’s phenomenal dedication to our art team’s inspiring vision, we have all worked so hard to provide you with some of the best visuals we can produce. Your feedback has been exceedingly helpful through this process and has helped us shape the game into what it is today, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us. We know how much you enjoy seeing new character models and armor sets as we develop them. That is why, today, we want to put a little of that creative power into your hands.
Below you will find the first ever, Cosplay Build Guide! We here at EHG want to see your creative skills put to the test. We hope that by putting this guide in your hands, you will have the chance to take your creativity and crafting skills to the next level.

What should you expect?
The build guide is just that. A guide using detailed images and breakdowns of the character armor set. It does not tell you how to build your cosplay. That part is up to you. But it does give you insight on the details and implied materials used in the world of Eterra to help you make decisions that could otherwise be misinterpreted.

Do I need to purchase the build guide?
No. This cosplay build guide is our gift to the community. No currency should ever be exchanged for the contents of this guide.

And that’s pretty much it. The rest is up to you now. If you decide to try it out, please feel free to post in the forums below; we would love to see your work and share in your pride! If this is something the community enjoys, we might have a look into more guides, perhaps including further or more in depth information to help out even more in the shared love for unique designs!

Download the PDF Here


Has anyone already mentioned that this model looks like a Mage X Doctor Fate combo?

nice! amazing game.

I eagerly await people posting their awesome cosplays!

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