Cool looking loot?

Is this game going to have a ton of cool looking armor and weapons that is shown visually on our characters? At end game will we look completely different than we looked when we first created our characters kind of like D3? Like D3 will the game have that type of variety on the armor and weapons visuals?

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It is the dev’s goal to make as much custom gear as possible before the game launches:

Making a unique piece of gear has a lot of steps, concept, implementation, 2D art, 3D art, VFX, sometimes animations. Our goal is to have as many of these things custom for each piece of unique gear. An early game belt that isn’t going to be used all that often probably won’t get special VFX for example but an epic end game helmet would. We are working to improve the number of uniques that have custom art assets.
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Considering the resources it takes to develop each item, the developers need to prioritize what content they develop at each stage of this early access period:

Why in the game of 2020 all things of the same type look like one - where is the customization?

Welcome to the community Discord_User. We are still in early access so the game isn’t finished yet. We are also an indie team that has to prioritise where we develop new content. We are working hard to increase the customisations options and we’ve come a long way this last year with visuals of the game in general.
Source: Discord Link

Looking at the EA Forecast there are still a number of key milestones to implement that likely have precedence over completing all the 3D art for gear in the game, at this point of development (imo).

Also, the developers said this in the most recent dev stream (March 19th):


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