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Controller bindings reset to default on restart of game

I am having some issues now that the default bindings have been changed to being so odd, now that I am changing the bindings, they are not being retained when starting the game again.

This issue requires that I rebind the controller keys every time I want to play.

What bindings are you specifically trying to change? I’m currently unable to reproduce this issue on my end.

The new default keybinds for controller as of last patch is this:

Use ability 1 X
Use ability 2 B
Use ability 3 Right Shoulder
Use ability 4 Left trigger
Use Ability 5 Right trigger
Use potion left shoulder

Quite different from the one before so, i rebound the bindings to the old default. But lo and behold if controller is not plugged at start or whatever, it goes right back to the default. Just got my 3 controller reset now, so i wait to see if this can be fixed.

To reproduce:

  1. Start game and change default controller keybinds of your choosing.
  2. Close game.
  3. Disconnect/turn-off controller.
  4. Start game and then turn-on controller after game has started.
  5. Controller keybinds will revert back to default key binds.

However, if you launch the game, change keybinds, close the game, keep controller connected/turned-on, and then re-launch the game it will remember your previous keybinds. But this is not helpful, nor would it work once you restart your computer.

Also, the previous default controller keybinds have changed this patch – uncertain if this was intended or not. I outline this in my bug report:

yes, as AndrewTilley mentioned, the new default bindings are… strange. It is so hard to mentally arrange the buttons, and they are all over the place on the controller instead of in groups. Also, changing the potion button was an odd choice.

To me, it makes much more sense to have the controller buttons like so:
Left (X or Square) - Flask
Up (Y or Triangle) - Ability
Right (B or Circle) - Ability
Then L1+R1 Bumpers can be the other two abilities
Leaving minion attack to L2 (Left Trigger)
And primary attack on R2 (Right Trigger)

This lets you press all 4 abilities easily, and is simple to memorize.
Like example, decoy and smoke mine on Triangle and Circle lets me push both at the same time, this is difficult with the default bindings because they are on opposite sides.

Anywho, he nailed it on how to reproduce the issue, I left my controller plugged in instead of turning it off, and when I restart the game it was still the same bindings.