Congrats on ruining the game

How the fuck ya’ll have 300-500 hours of gameplay? The Cycle was out for 38 days, 300 hours is 6 minutes short of 8 hours per day every day. Basically, it’s more than a full-time job.
While 500 hours is 13 hours per day.

Like… do you not touch grass at all, nor have any responsibilities?

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That was precisely my experience too. Although, it’s kinda 120 hrs for me, not 300.
Had like 5-6 3LP items, mostly low-lvl trash, and one decent staff for Runemaster. Haven’t even seen a single 4LP item.

Although, I’ve been told that 300 corruption (that I stayed at) is not enough for good drops, and that I need to go for 1000 due to LP scaling with corruption. Which I just can’t be bothered with, because corruption grind is boring AF.

I’m playing both and enjoying both. There’s no need to make things tribal, it’s only a bloody game!!

Gold sellers obviously ruin games but they are only allowed to because of the stupid folk that buy the gold. Why anyone would buy gold though for an empty season is beyond me. For me, the game hasn’t started yet until the seasons start. I always find that these ARPGs are always a better experience offline anyway. It’s a sure fire way to ensure a water tight gaming experience and you achieve everything yourself. :slight_smile:

I was giving a broad estimate but my current hours is lemme see is 290 Hours. about 100 of those hours was on a Spell blade and 190 on my other two toons.
I work as a Cook in a resturant. Asides from that I do play alot on weekends around 10 hours (I have 3 day weekends). and the rest on weekdays. Pretty casual over all Since I take care the majority of my main responsibilities Prior in the weekday. Good Time management is a thing. and Maybe I do play a bit but I rather be playing then spending money on clubs and bars (as i used to when I was 20)

I rolled up a Falconer and needed the new bow. Got it in about 2 hours of play.

Not sure what version of CoF you’re playing, but mine works great.


The game was in EA (early access) for the last 5 yrs.

Many players have been around since the game released in EA such as myself which was back in 2019. Majority of my 700hrs was during EA. Iv racked up about 100hrs since release

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Bruh… I have 680 hours myself, where 500 are pre-release. Bought the game on pandemic.
I was talking specifically about post-release.

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My bad i miss read what u said

Shandawg, if that’s your first level 70 in PoE, then you’ve got a long way to go. The gear grind is horrific in PoE when you want your ideal T1s and fractured implicits. I gave up when I was level 90 and doing T16s but wanting to make the jump. The RNG is too punishing, for me anyway.

Changing ==> loose all my stuff ==> restart from the beginning
If i knew what was going to happen …

Simple, adjust favor cost with price increase, so the more something costs the more favor is needed. Instant slap in every RMTers face as they need 50-100 times more time investment per transaction easily.

The market is utterly collapsing as I said it would, both in the cycle and legacy it already was for a while. This is what the common situation will be permanently without the basic necessary changes to a in-game economy. EHG has no idea what that entails seemingly… though I imagine they’ll learn, since they have to now.

Then it’s non targeted at all.

So currently you have the choice between masses of useless drops (which can be fine with a variety of characters, go CoF then!) and missing out on boss drop acquisition ability since that was overlooked entirely… or be presented with no market functionality.

Overall it’s just a shoddy state, no matter how you look at it right now.

Can’t overpay after all if there’s no listed items to overpay on :stuck_out_tongue:

I think You didn’t get BiS gear, but I dont know any details of your build…
I think you got something good more than enough to achieve a place that is enough to you.

BiS is generally only when you want to push your build to the its limits and min/max everything. And as you are probably playing overtuned builds your gear was enough. 1500 is very high, yeah, but as EHG broke the game standards with poor class & skill balance there are builds that can go there with confort without “BiS”.

If you did managed to get all BiS gear for your char, with CoF, you are either a prodigy gamer combined with a tremendous amount of luck that wont happen again, or you have kinda a “poor” build with phew options available.
hell, I have 1500 hours and many of them I played and farmed for my lightning Bug. And I havent got BiS gear for it and I think I will never achieve it with currently game design.
more than 2.000 echoes done in Ending the Storm timeline. never seen a 2LP stormcarved testament. And chances are I wont see, no matter how high I try to push corruption or how many time I spent with my build.
Not a rant, just a statement. I love the game despite its infinite RNG layers and lack of polishment concerning loot. CoF still needs improvements. Better ways to chase specific uniques and better ways to scale chances of getting 2&3 LP uniques. Better ways to improve boss drops quality.

So I reinforce the choir here, you will never get BiS with CoF.
Some players will tell I dont need BiS or Op itens to play the game. But who are they to dictate the way I want to play the game ?