Congrats on ruining the game

I check to see what these gold sellers are selling for almost every other day and last night was the lowest yet, 0.000001. $15 for 1.5 billion gold lmao

Somebody bought a 2 LP i had listed for a month for 500 mill today, It totally wasn’t worth that much but I had no idea what i was listing when I started.

Gotta do something with the RMT and drop rates otherwise these sellers are going to control your game and POE will kick it to the curb

100k players for the necropolis launch… time to get moving!!!


Im already lvl 70 in POE and the grind has been so much more enjoyable than LE because IM GETTING THE GEAR I ACTUALLY NEED AND CAN TRADE.

Im so mad that my 300 hours of farming worth NOTHING, game is ruined with market collapse


Im at 500 hours man, literally nothing to show for it

I dont get how there was that much gold in the game from the start

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Also just checked the market, someone bought all 2 LP hearts and there is only ONE now for 1.5 billion, there was two pages???

This goes for a few other chase uniques

Market is completly empty from popular itens lp2 +. Im no long playing LE anymore. All the effort put in grinding and farming, iv contributed myself with A LOT of good itens i dropped. They should’v disable market since the moment they realised something was wrong, now i see no how to fix it. Im nothing farming anymore cus the effort put in to sell a good item for 50-70m that now worth billions is beyond disrespectful with the time invested by good and honestly players

Offline Circle of Fortune is fantastic. No idea why people insist on trading in LE. It’s sooooooooo unneeded. I think it’s probably habit from other ARPGs.


@Zaodon The way i like to play online games is just like the market was supposed to be. Make your worth in drop and turn into your own purpose. That’s exactly what make me hook into a game. The sense of grinding and make some fortune and reflect to your character progress.
If wasn’t that part of the game I would’v quit way before cus I have already 3 well builded characters that would make no progress beyond they are, besides some small upgrades in gear
The arena and mono push’s just dont feel fun to me, the drops do

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Guess the developers should have stuck to the plan they initially had, of no trading.
Well, too late to roll that back now, people will get too mad.

Yeah kinda in a rough spot rn, hope they fix it next cycle

Then just play CoF.
The game had shit drops before, it continues to have shit drops now, and will have shit drops in the future (if they continue with this draconian what-you-get-is-what-you-get from rng on rng on rng on rng on rng on rng model). Except now, with MG, there’s a place you can overpay for items – if you sell your soul.

Just remember guys, actually getting the items you want, with less than a 5k hour time investment, will kill the game. Or so we’ve been told…

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That’s a joke right? The loot/drop system is this game is trash. You will never find the bis gear for your builds with COF. I was COF for 300 hours and it was a ffucking joke.

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There was always a plan to have some sort of trading. The first idea they had was even worse then this one

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I like CoF, but I prefer MG largely for a few reasons:

  • The amount of Loot is more manageable

  • It’s fun to get items that I can sell for a good chunk of change but might not necessarily be great for my build <---- this is the main reason.

  • It’s easier to transfer progress between characters due to having easier access to off-class items through MG. If your next build needs class-specific helmets, body armor, or relics of a different class it’s going to be waaaaay harder to find these on CoF.

Is trade necessary? No. But for me, it’s more fun than not-trade (and yes I have characters in MG and characters in CoF).

Uhhhh You can deff get BiS In CoF. I been playing under 300 Hours. 2 toons Bis Sloted for 1.5k corruption. It seems more of a Efficency issue here not a Faction issue. MG is in a bad stat tho sadly

Bye… We dont need you here

Peace out, can I have your stuff?

Bis Lp3/4s in under 300 hours in COF solo? I couldn’t even get decent idols to drop nonetheless an lp2 sword for my build to drop once lol. you crazy or extremely lucky or playing with friends for extra loot share.

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Correct u wont ever find BiS why? Cuz gear upgrades late game mainly come from crafting.

If ur not crafting ur not getting upgrades.

Are you juicing your prophecies?

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