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Community Moderation Team | Beesfriends

I’ll be honest, I’m not to keen on picking players to moderate the community. I just can’t shake the feeling that the people who will apply for these roles do so for other dubious reasons. Either enjoying the power trip (most Reddit mods) or using it as a marketing tool for their 2 viewer stream. Being a lofty serviceable community member comes last if you catch my drift.

I’m curious how this will end up in like a year or so but Reddit has left me with a very negative POV on the matter.


That sounds awesome, very much looking forward to that and would like to help as much as I can, regarding the german speaking community.

Even if official translation comes later, if you clearly label, that you game does not officially support these languages yet, but you do have small communities for it already, that you do support, it might convince some people, that are on the edge of getting into the game, because of the language barrier.

Awww, that sounds very close to the “helpers” idea I posted some time ago.

Well, with more emphasis on moderation than help, but still similar.
Fine by me, I have played games with players moderators and it can be great (if selected carefully, well trained, and somewhat monitored).

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Haha, yes I did see that. It took an almost inhuman amount of self control to not post “just wait a few days”. We’ve had this program for some time now, but wanted to make a full post regarding the topic of moderation, and the Beesfriends.


This sounds great! So in a hypothetical situation(that i’m confident EGH would never do) where EGH provides priority access to streamers on a botched cycle launch and a member of the community makes a post that is critical of EHG but non-abusive you will not just delete it or bury it in off-topic?

We strongly believe in taking in feedback and criticism from our community, taking it into consideration, as well as acting on it. We don’t believe trying to hide that criticism by moderating it helps anyone, and there’s always something to learn from it - even if tangentially. We may not necessarily agree, but if that’s the case, we’ll try to take the time to explain why, rather than remove it.


I think moderation and being an expert in LE game mechanics are two quite different skill sets. To avoid misunderstanding, would it be useful to be sharper about the duties of beesfriends so it is clearer what they speak in authority of, and what they do not?


Even though it’s off topic a little, it’s that approach Kain that I love so much about you and the team here.
Allowing critique is actually a massive thing. Most other forums from other games delete it asap and pretend it never happened. Unfortunately, they seem to forget about the sheer number of people who, when bored, trawl forums and still see the content before it is deleted. Those companies may “police” their forums, but it never goes unseen…

Also, it might just be me, but there is something about this that is driving me mad…

What is the significance of the word “beesfriends”?
I see no Honey here, nor pollen? I am confused.

I hope it’s referring to the myth, the legend, the bee’s knees of EHG – Mike Weicker. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


"Imagining getting fired for not moderating properly or not “game sauvy enough”

Looking forward to the new group of moderators!

My only concern with the post is the kind of how it comes across that you’re aiming for a pretty specific group of people to be moderators, if not intentionally, then by result of what you’ve laid out.

When I was moderating as a community moderator for Riot there was a similar view of ‘moderators get to put forward other community members to be moderators’. Literally all this did, and all I’ve heard this ever doing in other communities, is creating a very gatekept community team where who you know becomes way more important than how good you’d actually be at a moderator, and so also reinforces acting in specific ways to ingratiate yourself to the people with more friends on the team.

The other much worse part of this, is that it always leads to the moderation teams being extremely un-diverse. A moderation team, in-house or volunteer base, needs to have a decent amount of diversity in it, otherwise you just wont ever meet your criteria of no bias (I mean realistically you’re never going to meet that goal, but you can work towards diminishing the effects of it; one of the best ways to do so being in making sure you get a diverse moderation team). But the problem of preferring people who are already very active within a community, and leaning towards people who get recommended by the people already in that team, is that you don’t increase diversity, instead you hinder it. If your moderation team is based on people already active in the community, you reinforce exactly what you have.

None of this new however, and I’m sure you’ve thought through this stuff, but how it’s described in this post is kinda making some red flags appear; at least based on my experience moderating in various sizes and various types of communities.



However in an inperfect world, there’s always bias.

Lets see how this will work out, cause i wanna see new mod who lose their temper and drama on chat.

So basically if you arent friends with one of these people you may as well stay away and not engage unless you agree with them 100% because it will not end well for you

ive already been told my posts get reported all the time to moderators, personally its a real bad idea to give people power like that but its always the cheapest option to give level of power to a non employee or to not pay them correctly for their time. I mean my job does it repeatedly by using the word ‘seconded’ then paying you base wage to do a higher role temporarily

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Agree totally, almost every streamer/youtuber is incredibly selfish, self centred and will do almost anything from their chair to improves their chances so they just dont have to work a normal job

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That’s a made up word. The definition is based entirely on your personal perspective on a context, it cannot be universally defined or understood.

Last I checked. Every word is a made-up word.


As another very public example, this was also (and probably still is) a huge problem with Warframe. The problem became so bad that some of the biggest content creators were making videos about it just to show how badly the community moderators were behaving, and nobody was really stopping it because they were all friends. I think community moderation is probably the right choice overall, but I also think your worry is very reasonable.

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I can vouche for bankai been around for as long as i can remember always loved the support. Love this man he would be a great asset for something like this! <3


Ha ha, true!

is also true.
While I often try to help players when I’m online, I’m not sure I would be good at moderating.

Hello @EHG_Kain, do you think one can mainly be a helping Beesfriend?