Clarity for skills that use other skills

For skills that proc other skills, please provide clarity if the skill tree is used.

For example, Arcane Ascendance can proc Lightning Blast and the tooltip explains that it will use the skill tree and there will be no mana cost. Good job!

But, the Bear companion can proc Ice Thorns. After some testing, it appears that it does not use your skill tree. The tooltip should explain that Ice Thorns will not use the skill tree.


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I agree on some clarification in this regard.

Generally all skills that trigger other skills will use skill trees. There are a few that are not using skill trees and as far as i know the only one that does explicitly clarify that it does not use it’s skill tree is the Black Hole Node that causes to cast Meteors.

I think there should be always additional infos about this, whether the skill is using the skill trees or not.

The general plan is to make it just be if the name is the same. We are planning on renaming all versions of the skills that minions use as they never use a spec’d version.


Well, that’s another way, this way or any other, as long as it’s consistent it’s alright.

Thanks for the info.

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Thanks, thats a good way

Do you have an intentions to flag when certain nodes do not work if the skill is cast from another skill? Fireball’s Ember when cast from Flame reave etc.

That would presumably be by them renaming the skills that the other skill (Flame Reave) uses. Unless there’s a skill node that alters how the other skill uses the initial skill, for example, the node that gives Elemental Nova a cooldown (Infernal Nova) should say that it affects the maximum number of novas you can get if you spec into Teleport’s Elemental Dawn/Dusk/Midnight nodes (and it’s teleport’s nodes that specify that they don’t work if Ele Nova has a cooldown).

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