Circle of Fortune feedback compilation after 800+ Hours

This should be solvable with the UI optimizations and an LP filter?

Honestly yea, just QoL changes alone would be enough to make me pretty happy.


You can’t be serious or you don’t play the game enough.
This is one of the most obvious bottleneck for players who enjoy min/Max builds and need an exactly experimental affix.

Since the second week of 1.0 I have noticed that the exalted experimental affixes were in a really bad state.
I talked a lot about it but at one point I just gave up.

Maybe treat them as normal affixes being affected by exalted cof prophecies.

This 100%

While Im a casual compared to streamers, I played the game almost everyday since 1.0 and put maybe 300 to 400 hours into this patch. 90% doing high corruption monoliths.
I think I got only one T7 experimental affix after killing hundreds of exiled mages, and a couple more T6.

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Hrmm… I dropped around 25 T6 and T7 experimental affixes in the while I played during 1.0, I might’ve just gotten quite lucky and imagined it to be at least close to the actual medium number-case.


If that holds true then yes, it definitely is little.

Though… it has to be taken into consideration that mages are a rare encounter which offer a very specific special rare drop.
Similar to for example… delve-affixes or incursion-affixes in PoE for example.
Hence meant to be quite strong but very very hard to make something quite good out of them. A ‘special’ sort of drop simply, the first we have in LE at the time to be fair.

So, it being a bottleneck is something I would say to be ‘intended’ actually, with the small chance to upgrade.
The numbers presented though sign towards the need of not dropping 1 of those items per mage kill but rather a range of items, 1-5 for example to increase the overall chance of a good outcome in line with it being a rare encounter but still feasable with serious time investment.

I respect this way of thinking but I don’t fully agree

They (experimental affixes) are not universally good or strong enough to have such a small drop rate.
To the point of ending a whole cycle playing non stop and still not a single drop of the desired exalted affix?
Even if you get the drop, most times you have another RNG layer before successfully slamming it into some unique.
This is far from a good game design.

I can agree that they should remain hard to drop and be treated as special, but not in this current state.

They can be particularly really strong to some builds (maybe a phew niche builds).
Players that like these phew builds have a huge disadvantage to min/max his char.

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True, but that’s more an issue of proper balancing from EHG then a failure of how the system is implemented I would argue.

There’s currently 4 affixes per slot for a total of 12 affixes.
The most useful I would argue are on the gloves with the low-life ward conversion and Armor/DoT-Armor combination.
All others are quite situational.
Those 2 though are something one can say are very good. One is universally good for ward builds, the other is universally good for… well… every single build in existence even.
Boots and belts should’ve one of those types as well, a specialized one for a whole archetype and one which is useful for everyone in general.
The other 2? Situational build-specific ones which can be quite useful but will see far lower usage, filler-affix which are not useless - like light radius in PoE - but nonetheless dilute the pool.

As a second measure to ensure the chance for T6 and T7 drops even happening I would say the most balanced method would be to allow the mages to have a specific mechanic which ‘upgrades’ their items to experimental bases, hence allowing corruption rarity-bonus to affect the sheer quantity of items they drop, and hence the inherent chance of higher-tiered experimental affixes on them.

I imagine this would take care of the issue fully.

If EHG wants to take it a step further… the current implementation of the experimental affixes on belts and boots is very lackluster. Minion-damage hybrid can be good for minion builds, volatile zombie spawn is also sometimes used but rarely… but the others not so much.
I would argue that re-working the inherent direction for them into ‘interesting’ affixes which trigger depending on a specific state would be more interesting and allows more builds.

As an example for both cases:
Belt ones trigger on potion use. It would be far more interesting if they automatically trigger on having no potions for example, making it a higher-risk high-reward scenario.
Boot ones trigger on traversal skill usage, more interesting would be if they trigger for example when a traversal skill is on cooldown.

But that goes beyond the range of what the topic is, just some interesting ideas there which can have quite interesting outcomes for build-creators.

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