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Carrion Snakes nolonger go Snake mode in 0.8.3c?

I killed quite a few Carrion Snakes in a monolith in 0.8.3c & none of them went Snake-mode after being killed, they just died. :frowning:

We tested this internally and didn’t experience any differences with their spawn rate. Can you post a clip of this happening?

I’ll try & remember if I see it happening again, I’ve not seen it since yesterday but I’ve not seen any Carrion Sneks.


Player.log (1.3 MB)
And the player log if that’s of any use.

We took a look at this. It just looks like you have ground dots and a lot of damage you are killing it instantly as it emerged.


Does the Snek have that much less hp than the initial form? The dots do virtually no damage as I’m not spec’d for spell damage at all, it’s all melee.

Yeah, I came across some more & was a bit slower, looks like the Snek is getting instantly killed at the start of the animation. Maybe it could have an invulnerability phase while it’s changing to Mr Snek?

Oh, solved?
OK, I was just coming to confirm the snake is still showing up.
Take care! :slight_smile:

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