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Can not log in

WPServererror: error: generic/unknown http error
error: generic/unknown http error

Searched forum and seen another with this error, but did not see a resolve. Reset password and am locked out for an hour. What gives? Wait an hour for the same result

This is a generic error which points to a failed authentication attempt. The most common cause is the username or password being wrong. I’d typically suggest sending an e-mail to us at if you’re affected by this and changing your password doesn’t help. (For a few days we’d slow response times, but that should be behind us now.)

You would not have been locked out of your account for changing your password, but each time you saw the above error message marked a failed log in attempt. For security purposes we do need to have limitations on how many attempts are available.

Please disregard, finally got in. Thank you for the response.

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