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Bought Ardent Lord pack almost a year ago and never received physical items

I purchased a $240 support pack on may 28th of 2021. It comes with a T shirt and a Last Epoch Playmat. I have not received anything from that pack. I emailed support privately through my personal email MONTHS ago asking about the status of this order. I was told that you were “out of stock”. And yet I see multiple streamers using that very playmat, including Mike during his dev streams. For $240 I would expect a much better consumer experience than this. If you’re out of stock, guess what? Make more for those that you already took the money from. Pretty simple. So, I’m leaving this to start a paper trail and warning to others considering giving money over for something they might not receive.

I’m a reasonable person and like to give the benefit of the doubt when possible. If you give me what I have paid for within the next 2 weeks, then I’ll go away and be content with finally getting what I paid for. If I do not receive the shirt and mat, then I want my money back. Simple.

Thanks for the aggravation…

Below are pictures of my purchase as public proof.

Can’t say that I am surprised that a week later I have been completely ignored. Take the money and run seems to be the ehg motto here.

Next step is legal action. Small claims court, you can add that to your resume now.

No wonder you sold out to tencent, they saw something just as corrupt in you.

I understand how frustrating it can be to experience these kinds of things, and we certainly do apologize for the delays we’ve had with physical goods shipping over the last couple of years. Unfortunately, with certain world events, physical goods have been a bit more difficult to deliver on for a company our size that doesn’t specialize in physical goods.

However, we don’t by any means intend to use this as an excuse. We are working as hard as we can to get physical goods out to all who are owed, and have also been working on acquiring a new physical goods system to avoid these kinds of issues in the future. All of this has been made possible because of supporters like you.

Again, we understand your frustration, and we are working on getting these items out to everyone who has purchased packs that include them and have not yet received them, including yourself. We always want to be as close to our community as possible, and as reliable for our community as possible, and for these delays, we sincerely apologize.

We understand a support ticket was already completed. Please check your email, as we will be having a support agent reach out to you to verify shipping information.

Uh huh…yeah…sure. Nice words and all. Here it is another 11 days gone by and nothing. I verified the shipping info the second I got the email. There was no problem for you guys whipping up a custom made helmet for zizaran and a custom box to fit it in and custom steins with his name on it etc. But I understand why. He’s your main social media manipulator (oops influencer yeah that one), and dropped way more money so he gets priority. Forget the little guys that just give chump change. Save your excuses and just give me what I paid for a year ago.

Another 7 days and nothing. Give me my money back, you can shove the shirt and mat up your thieving ass.

I’m not going away. Ignore me all you want. I’m not going away. Give me my money back.

Give me my money

Give me my money. If you make me have to take this to small claims court, I’m not only going for what you owe me, I am going to sue you. If I have to invest more money in this bs, then I might as well go all out.

Give me my money

I’m still here, and you still haven’t given me my money back. Cowards and thieves.

Give me my money

This is your reminder that you still haven’t given me my money back. Corrupt assholes.

You still haven’t given me my money back

Hey tencent puppets, give me my money

How come you won’t answer your phone that is listed as your business number?

702-483-7624. Headquarters in Delaware.

I’ll keep calling and keep posting.

You just make yourselves look even worst ignoring me and not resolving this issue.


I want to first and foremost apologize. It is never our intention that this situation would happen, and we can definitely understand how frustrating it has been.

As a part of that apology we are going to do what we can to make it right, in addition to getting you a refund. Because you purchased the game more than a year ago, the payment system we use does not allow us to use the refund option within their payment processor. However, we are going to send you a full refund, so please be on the lookout for that.

Second, we are really sorry about the physical goods. I can understand it being frustrating seeing others with those items, but I can assure your order is still in process. Again however, because we want to make things right, we are going to continue to send the items to you, and you may retain all of the Ardent Lord digital items as well. This includes the game and all the extra items.

If this situation has been so frustrating that you don’t want the items, we completely understand. Feel free to donate them to a local gamer or friend.

Again, we apologize for the headache, but hopefully you can understand we will do our best when we have failed.

Kind regards,

Yes, it has been incredibly frustrating. When I receive the refund, I will be satisfied with that.

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