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Blood Infusion (Rip Blood) and Last Laugh (Transplant) not adding damage to minions

The Blood Infusion node from Rip Blood and the Last Laugh node from Transplant do not apply any sort of buff to minions. Tested on both Necro and Lich. Neither node applies any increase in damage to minions. Tested on Golems, Summon Skeleton and Summon Skeletal Mage. I recall Blood Infusion used to have a visual indicator as well and now there is none.

I could not reproduce this. After my investigation, I have confirmed the damage is applying correctly. I also saw visual DPS changes with both abilities on my with my minion.

Is there a certain minion you tested on that that the buff wasn’t applying to?

Specifically Bone Golem on a Lich. There is no change in minion damage on the character sheet, visual indicator or damage increase from what I can tell. My current build produces a lot of hits. I’m using the Bone Nova from Golem as my main damage. Last Laugh doesn’t require hitting my minion with transplant and should increase minion DMG, but from what I can tell it currently does not. As well, Blood Infusion should apply a 30% increase and I have Rip Blood set up to only work on minions, so Blood Splatter is always hitting my Bone Golem, but it doesn’t appear to provide an increase. Again, it is hard to see the outgoing damage as it is producing a lot of hits. Bone Nova, Blood Splatter, Golem attacking, Bone Curse, Death Seal on minion are all hitting targets.

I’ve removed the Blood Infusion and am getting 2400-3500 damage per Bone Nova proc withouth anything else.

Added Blood Infusion and am getting 2400-3500 damage per Bone Nova proc without anything else.

If I take the lowest damage output of 2400 and apply a 30% increase, I should be seeing around 3100 damage when Blood Infusion is applied. I could be wrong and simply horrid at math, but it doesn’t appear to be applying. But, as far as I can see my damage remains in the 2400-3500 range.

Also, I just seen a video of someone else using Last Laugh here. if you go to 8:20 in the video, when he uses Last Laugh, you can clearly see a visual indicator that his minions have. Mine does not apply this when using Last Laugh nor Blood Infusion.

The damage from my screen shows a DPS increase with both abilities.

I did find however, casting Rip Blood directly on the Golem was a slight pain because auto targeting would sometimes default to the monster the golem was fighting. You have to directly hit the Golem which is rather hard in combat. I will make a note of this.

I see, so basically my tests are invalid because you could not replicate the issue I’m having. Fair logic, I suppose if what you see on your screen applies to everyone. It must not be a bug. So, all were taking from this is that the Rip Blood is hard to cast directly on the Bone Golem while in combat because of auto-targetting? Yet, my Rip Blood is set to only target my minions, therefore making Blood Splatter always hit my minions. Also, it does appear the visual indicator when using Last Laugh as stated in my previous post must apply to everyone, thus making me blind as there was no mention of it at all or we are just disregarding the visual indicator entirely.

I’ve done some limited testing on this as well, and I cannot confirm that the damage buffs are applied.
Its possible that the +damages are so small that they are having a negligible effect.
In regards to the video posted earlier, I do not see any visual indicator on the minions with blood infusion nor last laugh. The video shows the minions being hasted and frenzied from the top skill in necromancer passives.

edit: I have continued my testing. The problem that I’m seeing is that the buffs are additive on the usual Increased Minion Damage. This results is so negligible of an increase, this node tree is not useful at all. The same effect is with the cast speed/attack speed node.
I can confirm the Last Laugh node does the same thing.
There are no visual indicators for these buffs, so that could also be an area of improvement. Even a simple generic ‘Damage Up’ indicator that could be shared.

The testing methodology I used was: remove passive skills that increase anything inconsistently. I found that armor shred node and the haste node made things more difficult for testing. I despec’d summon skeletons and used a completely generic skeleton warrior for hits. During testing and mindlessly staring at the dummy, I found my skeleton could never hit above 153 damage. Ripped blood on the dummy and the skeleton performed a few hits over 160. Timing between two animations I tested at 1.5 s between two identical points in his standard hit animation, and after the rip blood, it was closer to 1.35 s. I suspect this, while having much lower than the stated 30% effect, was better than the damage increase due to a lack of attack speed improvements on my equipment and nodes.