Base damage and damage calculation

I really like to know gory details when I play those kind of games. Especially around damage calculation and damage scaling.

When I open the in game guide and scroll to Combat Mechanic->Base Damage section. I am told that default base damage for a skill is listed on its tooltip. But when I highlight, for example, Vengeance on a brand new character I don’t see value for base damage there. I only see damage per second and mana cost.

How do you find out base damage for a skill?

What is the formula for calculating that dps value?

Brand new Sentinel stiped off all the equipment has:

  • 2 strength
  • 5% critical strike chance
    Vengeance skill that scales with strength, without any passives and without any points ina skill shows 3 dps.

But when I equip sword with 1.12 attack speed and +10 melee physical damage the tooltip dps goes to 22.

So how are those things calculated.

While not currently available in-game, you can use outside resources like this build planner to view each skills base damage.

From the skills tab, you can select the skill in the middle, which will show you the base DPS and be at level 1 for that skill. Now to get an accurate base value you should not have any gear on.

Others here are probably more qualified to answer.

Do the following formula by damage element (fire, phys, void, etc).

Total flat damage = base damage + (flat damage x added damage effectiveness)

Total hit damage = Total flat damage x (sum of increased damage) x (more damage 1) x (more damage 2) x (more damage 3) x (more damage 4) x (more damage 5 etc…)

If the hit is a crit, multiply the damage by your crit multi / 100 (so the base 200% crit multi = x2).

Take your total hit damage & multiply by your “increased attack/cast/throwing/bow speed” & for melee attacks multiply by 1.47. That should be your DPS.

Fantastic resource. very helpful. Thank you.

OK so using the planner and calculating the Vengeance DPS for a fresh character with Gladius equipped works!

Sentinel: 2 strength
Vengeance: base damage 2, added damage scaling 100%, 4% increase per point in strength
Gladius: attack rate 1.12, +10 melee physical damage

Flat damage = 2 + 10 =12
Hit damage = 12 x 1.08 = 12.96
DPS = 12.96 x 1.12 x 1.47 = 21.33

Rounding up gives 22. That is what game tooltip shows.

Is this how it is calculated. It does not show average dps that calculates crit effect?

But when I try to do a bit more complicated skill like Flurry for brand new Rogue. Things don’t add up using above method.

Rogue: 3 dexterity
Flurry: 3 rapid strikes each 2 base damage with 60% added damage scaling
Gladius: attack rate 1.12, +10 melee physical damage

Flat damage = 2 + 10x0.6 = 8
Hit damage = 12 x 1.12 = 8.96
DPS = 8.96 x 1.12 x 1.47 = 14.75

Now sice there are 3 attacks with this skill we get 3x14.75=44.25 but ingame tooltip shows dps as 38.

So there is something else in this formula I am missing. Planner shows two more stats cast delay and cast time. Since Flurry is 3 attacks in a succession maybe those need to be incorporated as well.

Thank you.

The tooltip dps does add in your crit chance & crit multi. So that Vengeance figure of 21.33 is actually 22.4 (21.330.052 + 21.330.951). Generally the game rounds down to the nearest integer for display purposes.

The 1.47 figure is an empyrical finding, so it might be different per different skills cast time/delay. It’s possible that the 1.47 is derived (somehow) from the cast time & cast delay figures from

Hi !
About flame reave :
Does the rending ire and the naurcrist nodes are affected by the 150% damage effectiveness of the skill ?
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