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Aschere's Vinebear Monolith Speed Clearer 0.8.4F | 10K EHP | ~50-100K DPS | Very Fast Clear | New Player and Hardcore friendly | Detailed Written Guide | 200+ Empowered

More updates:

Played it a bit farther up to lvl 90 timelines and tested how it feels vs Echo Endbosses / T2 Dungeon and various versions + levels of Orobyss. I included all fights where my Spriggan died as well to show the difference in boss damage without it.

I have to emphasize (like in the OP) that the Spriggan is actually very important in boss fights and contributes like 50% of overall damage (including its buffs). So in my case i have to get at least 100% inc minion life on top what i have now so it’s more sturdy and more leech as well.

Here are new video logs in early / mid monoliths in the level brackets: 69-73 & 75-81

Current spec + items:


I finally beat T4 Julra with this build, woohoo!!! I’ve tried Abom necro, VK autobomber, spirit plague lich, and earthquake werebear, but this one was the first build that “clicked” for the fight. I had to try out a few different gear and passive combos to find something that gave me enough eHP to not get one shot but maintained enough dps to actually kill her…here is the character if anyone is interested: Druid, Level 87 (LE Beta 0.8.4e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

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I’m a bit confused:
I’m running the build with lvl 90.and way better defensive stats. I’ve maxed resistances, Endurance, GB, have a higher Endurance threshold and a similar hp pool. And I get oneshot from t4 Julra from almost any attack

  • cold cone
  • Lightning circle
  • The rotating beams
  • dead after 2 seconds in the void pools

Are you sure you’re talking about t4 Julra? What am I doing wrong?

Mind posting a build planner link for your character? Maybe there is something you’re overlooking? I know it’s happened to me before…I was running that 2x2 idol for the longest time because I thought it had a great health regeneration roll, turns out it was healing effectiveness :man_facepalming:

I only just survive the hits, but as long as I don’t take two in a row, the regen gets me to full.

As far as what you’re doing “wrong” maybe just practicing a bit more? You can see the list of characters I’ve tried and failed to down T4 with, so I’ve probably attempted her ~20 times and only got one victory. I know the attempts get a little better each time I learn the mechanics just a bit more.

One thing that’s super difficult about the fight with this build is the spriggan, it just keeps standing in stuff and dying, which reduces your dps and defense quite a bit. No idea how to solve this one, but trying to keep it alive as much as possible is good, I usually try to revive it as soon as the big screen wide AoE happens. Just don’t drop the pool in the center of the screen trying to do it, which I’ve done far too many times to admit :grinning:

And yeah, T4 for sure, I wanted to try out turning my Bhuldar’s Wrath legendary. I didn’t manage to hit +# melee crit chance, but I got +66 melee phys (the second best hit), so I’m happy with it.

I found a Obsidian axe with minion spell damage affix. Is minion physical damage better stat than minion damage stat? Axes can’t be crafted with physical damage stat. I’m pretty new to this game and I love this build so far. Way better than my previous characters.

Oh! I didn’t even realize there was an axe basetype with an implicit for minion damage now as they added it I think two patches ago. Minion Physical Damage % and Minion Spell Damage % are identical scaling. Unless the game says otherwise (like it often, e.g. “this skill is multiplicative”, as it often does on many of the nodes within the trees), all the % increases are additive.

So bottomline add up the total % for the implicit roll on the axe and the spell damage affix and compare to the total of whatever the best staff is you have and use whichever is higher. A staff with both T5 rolls will always win out, but the axe you have will likely carry you for a while until you can get the perfect staff.

You can still craft the axe by rerolling both the implicit and affix rolls to a higher value. You could also craft on a secondary suffix like Minion Damage Over Time, Chill, Fraility, or Armor Shred if its got an opening.

Thanks for reply! What about flat minion damage affix craft to axe, it has a bit lower value than minion physical damage, but can be crafted. Maybe implicit + affix stat values could be add up more than you can get from staff?

There isn’t a flat minion damage affix craft. There are three minion attributes affix for 2H axes: “Minion Spell Damage”, “Minion Damage Over Time”, and “Minion Melee Damage”. Spell damage is the best. Damage over time will still boost your vine’s poison damage so it has a benefit, just not nearly as much. Melee damage does nothing as the vines/spriggan do spell damage.

Sorry, I didnt read mods correctly. I think I continue using my staff which has both necessary minion affixes for this buils.

Do a low life version that also includes Death Rattle - Unique Turquoise Amulet - Amulet - Last Epoch Item Database. You’re constantly gaining health from resummoning vines :slight_smile:.

EDIT: And ofc I just found out how stupid it was to run that. I actually seems to five me less Ward. OR maybe not - since it does have a fair bit of intelligence.

I tried that necklace for a short test. Don’t bother tbh.

Health gain is underwhelming in comparison to the Ursuper’s mandate since life gain on hit is way superior with a dozen vines than 30 healts every time a vine dies. The 30 health on death is global from what i can tell and it does not scale with vine numbers. Thats barely more than the natural life regen characters usually have.


Hey what about Orchirian Petals
Does physical spell cast speed help vines or spriggan? Same question for Crit strike and spell physical damage?

Seems like a good relic but I’m very much just learning this stuff

No, Orchirian doesn’t help this build at all- unless a modifier specifically says that it affects minions, it doesn’t, so all of that relic’s bonuses only apply to your own personal (nonexistent) damage.

Compare that item with, say, Silvafrond , which very clearly states that it buffs your vines.

I was tempted to play this and went to hop on my druid…but then I realized with over 700 hours I didn’t even have a primalist over level 30 and I even missed the druid mastery class…never been a fan of the primalist, the companions, totems but this looks so tempting

Leveling this thing up is a pain though, I realize I know nothing about primalist

Can I just toss on your level 79 planner passives and cruise while leveling or will that be a no go?

I’ll likely look for a primalist leveling guide unless you have any other advice aside from the bit in the original post

I normally adapt loot filters to fit me but not comfortable with primalist, it looks pretty strict for leveling like you said, what level would be good to roll with filter?

Primalists…are weird

edit: level 9, primalist life is rough…to go forward or to give up

Watch my leveling clips in this thread to have a rough idea how it feels during campaign and early dungeons / monoliths / various versions of Orobyss and late normal monoliths.

You can level with whatever till you get druid class but in my case i went with wolves and totems and crafted minion gear from the get go.
Only thing that matters to make the core of the build work is:

Skill Werebear,Fury leap, Spriggan form when you get Druid unlock and work from there towards the last two skills (summon spriggan,Entangling roots) while keeping crafting minion related affixes on your items.
Till you have enough points in both Fury Leap nodes to spawn enough vines you will sit mainly in Spriggan form and cast them manually. In my case i switched to full Vinebear at lvl 39 but kept leveling Werebear and Fury Leap before the transition to WB.

Hey trying out this build since I wanted to play with the druid forms and I love werebears. While leveling I got a unique Doublet of Onos Tull The dual combo of bleed and poison on my vines has been lovely. Is it worth considering one of these end game or do you lose out on too many stats?

Its not bad to slap on for leveling for the life and a little damage, but certainly worth replacing at end game. This build is primarily focused on scaling the “hit” portion of the minions. 40% bleed chance just isn’t worth the loss of attributes off of a rare chest. Minions aren’t applying bleeds so they don’t really benefit from the increased duration.

Doesn’t the chest piece itself give the minions a 40% chance to apply bleed? But yah I’d imagine the stat loss isn’t worth it.

Yeah, thats the only minion bleed source though.

There are several good options for leveling a Primalist early on. Here is a guide for if you have some low-level uniques stashed, and here and here are a couple of builds for truly clean starts.

Wolves, Swipe, or Thorn Totems all make great skills to make your primary leveling tool til you reach End of Time and are able to promote to druid.

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