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Apohpis and Majasa quest not advancing (sort of)

I am playing a fire Necromancer, currently level 58. During the quest Apophis and Majasa I was able to watch the cut scene between Apohis and Majasa then engage in battle with Majasa.

I died when Majasa was in phase 2 of the fight at approximately 2-3% health (obvious estimate). My minions, however, were able to finish her off before I clicked the respawn button. The quest log updated to the next step of “Confront Apophis”, but when I respawn the Majasa battle begins anew and I am unable to exit the boss arena.

This is a known issue, when you kill a boss with minions but you respawn. It reloads the scene therefore you will have to fight the boss again. Unfortunately, that is just how it works right now.

Thanks for the report.