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Any good builds built around dancing strikes for 8.3e?

Perfection IMO goes wit Dodge for inc damage, not sure while during GB and health leeching situation, that your health bar is kept switching between full health and non-full, will that make a different to the Perfection inc?

For apostacy/glancing blow, I think it is better goes with silver shroud and health gained on GB, which is more tanky.

but, if main point here during the fight, rogue with high speed moving and shifting, it s also good for perfection and GB at the same time since proc dagger isn’t melee, doesn’t need to get too near enemies.

The Leveraged Momentum node is a damage node that takes it’s % more damage calculation from how much % melee attack speed you have. Whether Shadow Cascade is affected by attack speed is irrelevant for Leveraged Momentum.

Ahh I get it. So basically with more melee attack speed in this case, you get no bonus to attack “speed” but you do get more damage bonus in its place, correct?

ps. How did the move go?

I had the same thought about the GB/Perfection interaction. I’m leveling a full Dodge Rogue at the moment to see how it feels while taking the Perfection nodes. I’m hoping to compare survivability between damage intake from full Dodge and GB.

I’m expecting it to “feel” better until I get a nice bop one shot by something that I got an unlucky Dodge on since Dodge is so hard to stack high outside of Smoke Bomb/Decoy buffs.


What move?

Oh sorry, I thought I read that you were moving sometime this past week. Someone mentioned having to move on the forums and they were going to be busy. I thought it was you.

As in moving from one home to another I’m guessing. I live with 10 people and close to 20 animals lol. My wife and I are always dreaming of getting a tiny house lol.

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So I have been trying the build and I am thoroughly impressed as I expected.

As a side note, and as I previously mentioned, I have a predilection towards uniques and I found some that along the way I just Had to try out with this build after I reached level 30. I found two Rainbow Edge swords in the Wraith Dunes which I paired with the Prism Wraps chest piece for extra crit and elemental damage and elemental damage resist (not exactly resist but it lessens all elemental damage by 30%) and the gloves Avarice for the great leech which when added with Prism Wrap’s leech gives a lot of leech because of the swords built in elemental damage. Now you might think that’s not much elemental damage BUT the swords have built in HIGH crit multipliers. One had 66% and the other had 33% plus between the two of them they have 140% chance to chill, ignite, AND shock targets… doing all three at the same time. I also paired them with a Ring of the Third Eye for high crit chance to actually aid in using that crit multiplier.

Aside from those elemental boosts, in order to take advantage of our build’s Leverage node that we discussed, I have used Vipertail (which boosts dodge and melee attack speed in addition to other things), Quicksilver Coil ring (which doesn’t help a whole lot but it boosts melee attack speed and gives a lot of health regen, and a decent chance to haste for 1 second per melee hit), and my lovely Lessons of the Metropolis boots (which give +dex, a LOT of dodge if you have recently been hit, a % increased to dodge rating, an additional boost to movement speed and less damage while moving which works like a charm while using Dancing Strikes and Cascade; plus the dodge bonuses later translate to glancing blow bonuses! YES!).

I am still early in the game, new character, and I was literally one hitting or two hitting EVERYTHING in my path… EVERYTHING. Right before the fight onboard the Jauggernaut ship with the giant lobster boss (yes I am trying not to spoil), I made one change to the setup… I switched out the lesser of the two Rainbow Edge swords (the one with 33% crit multiplier) and kept the one with 66% multiplier and put that in my off hand and put in my main hand Gladiator’s Oath. Now, right now I am level 33 so I only have unlocked 3 of my 5 master skills. I have chosen Shift, Smoke Bomb, and Shadow Cascade. I hit 35 in two levels and will get Dancing Strikes. Gladiator’s Oath works hand in hand with Dancing Strikes. It increases melee attack speed (which aids in Leverage’s damage node even further), increases your crit multiplier even further, increases the area of hit for Dancing strikes, and here comes the lovely part, every 3rd hit of Dancing Strikes creates a very visible and VERY large circular zone around you which is called the arena. The arena lasts around 3 seconds, maybe four. Enough to use Cascade for at least four good strikes in a row and Cascade’s large roundhouse attack hit’s almost the entire round circular zone area. The catch is that everything in that Arena is a 100% critical hit while the zone is active.

Against the “lobster boss” dropped four three arena and cast Cascade four times each in the arenas. That is 9 seconds basically. I had that boss dead in 9 seconds. No dancing around either. I tanked him. The elemental leech was high enough from Prisms and the gloves that there was no health drop At All. The tool tip says Cascade does 2411 with Gladiator’s Oath and one Rainbow’s Edge. With two Rainbow’s Edge it goes up to 3071… the elemental leech would skyrocket so you would be tankier but you would lose the Arena’s critical hits. Of course, if you care less about the crit’s and more about the leech, you can also then lose the ring of the Third Eye and do what I had earlier and put on a second Quicksilver Coil to further boost your melee attack speed and give another Very high boost to your health regen. Thanks to Leverage the damage would go up even higher and the ring’s health regen, in my case at least is a 56% health regen boost. My other ring is a 41% health regen boost. not bad. At this level it’s kind of hard to kill me lol.

Now I know that things will change as I level up and I will grow out of this gear… possibly, but right now at least it looks like this gear could take me to at least Majasa.

I have been to Majasa before. I fought her to her third stage before saying I think I am going to try Monoliths lol.

I honestly believe this build can take me all the way to the end. I am going to try at least.

I wanted to add on to my last post. I have gotten a bit further after getting some sleep and waking to play. Using the same setup I last mentioned, I once again, Tanked a boss… Spymaster Zerrick. For the first time since playing the game, I didn’t have to run around dodging his poison attack and addon mobs. At this point, I have Dancing Strikes added to my main skills and I have all of the main nodes including the one which auto-fires Shadow Cascade with a 10% chance. Shadow Cascade is using Dagger Dance by now but I have not reached the next node for the Shadow Daggers use of Dagger Dance. Using Gladiator’s Oath though makes Dancing Strikes an extremely viable main attack BECAUSE it not only has Shadow Dagger already working for it on every 4 attacks but every 3 uses of Dancing Strikes gives 100% crits to my attacks for about 3-4 seconds which includes the 10% auto-firing Shadow Cascade which honestly fires off every few seconds from what I can see. My main two skills are Shift and Dancing Strikes (which auto uses Cascade for me). Once Cascade starts firing Shadow Daggers everything will pretty much be one shot or close to it, even at range. The Arena aspect of Gladiator’s Oath makes a huge difference and although in late game I am certain I will have to pair it with a much higher powered weapon to keep my damage up, I may still be pairing that weapon with Gladiator’s Oath simply for the Arena and 100% auto crit effect and the fact that Dancing Strike’s range is increased.

Oh, it took me about 8 seconds to take down the Spymaster.

Well I changed out my rings so that I had resistance rings and I found a pair of unique boots called the Transient Rest that boosts Physical and Necrotic and Poison Resists by 35% each plus (not that this one helps us) if you stand still it turns a percentage of your mana into ward… in my case 54%.

By the time I came up against Majasa, all of my resistances except for Void and Fire are maxed plus a bit and in addition to that my Prism Wraps chest piece still lowers elemental damage by 30%. I am using two swords and with the node in Blademaster for using two swords, my chance to receive Glancing Blows is 96%… I just hit level 60 before destroying Majasa. The phases in her fight (no spoilers) surprised me but I solidly slaughtered her within about 3 minutes from beginning to end. I did not die once and my health never dropped below half. There was one change that I made to Dancing Strikes. Instead of taking Broad Dancing and Cutting Corners, since I am pretty dedicated to using Gladiator’s Oath because of the 100% chance to crit while in the Area and the increase to size of Dancing Strikes it already gives, I decided to put four of those points into Graceful Arena. With my rate of attack, the Arena is always up… period, so I have 100% crit rate, 100% extra melee damage, and 20% reduced damage as long as I am inside the arena. With Glancing Blows and the 20% reduced damage, I am even harder to kill. It is finally time to head toward the Monoliths… after dinner lol,

Just an update. This really has been a Class S build. The only change that I made was I moved the 3 points from Cutting Corners and 1 of the points from Broad Dancing to put all 4 into Graceful Arena. Why? Dancing Strikes fires off Cascade, and Shadow Daggers, so often that Dancing Strikes became my main attack since it was firing all three on a solid basis. With the rapid firing of this movement based attack, the Arena of Graceful Arena is literally Always in effect. Even without the sword Gladiator’s Oath, that gives a 100% melee damage bonus up 100% of the time plus a 20% damage reduction as long as you stay inside the arena. Even if you move outside of the arena with Shift, which I use a ton, within a split second Arena is back up and you are in it again. I am currently level 67 and have just opened the second Monolith after staying in the first Monolith and digging deep for purples and the uniques and gold and my preciouses lol. I stayed quite a while before even doing the first “first” monolith quest. I had absolutely no trouble with that boss at all and I slaughtered Majasa first time. Honestly, I did die to the first Monolith boss three times BUT that was due to the room’s mechanics (I don’t want to give spoilers) which I wasn’t expecting. Once I figured out why I was dying when the mob wasn’t able to get a good hit I was good to go lol. My chance to get a Glancing Blow is 93%. I have no crit avoidance currently, and haven’t had any yet, and yet I haven’t died until those blasted room mechanics auto-killed me against the 3rd quest in the first monolith. Like I said, after i figured out the room… booyah. I am using two swords which boosts the Glancing Blow by 40% and I am using the sword Gladiator’s Oath and I am still using the unique sword Rainbow’s Edge which is level 30 with a very high crit multiplier and all three types of elemental damage plus physical for those that are wondering. I just haven’t come across anything better since my 30’s. Now that I am in the Monoliths I do expect to find a better sword. I have found purple daggers that are mean as a snake but I want a sword. They have been good to me lol. My bread and butter has been three or four skills over and over. I use shift to get in to a group, (if a rare or boss or large group) I drop smoke bomb which includes my extra shadows for extra damage too, I drop a decoy next, then I start nailing the whole area over and over with Dancing Strikes. Within a few Strikes, I have fired Shadow Daggers and Cascade multiple times and slaughtered whole huge groups. Now I should say that at this point in my monolith runs I am running typically 3 enemy echo modifiers all together. This often includes at least two extra enemy damages or enemy health increases. My run against the 3rd quest of the first monolith had 3 echo enemy enchantments on the boss: haste and 20% extra health, and 15% extra damage and 15% extra health, and extra damage. That is a whole lot of extra damage and extra health and plus haste and I still did not die going toe to toe with that monster. So one more time, yes, Good Job Krolja… S Rank all the way.

I played around with Graceful Arena some and ended up liking it more than I thought after reading your post. I noticed that the Shift range is slightly shorter than a full side to side run of the Arena so if you angle yourself right, you can Shift across and never leave the Arena! Anywho, after some fiddling around I have updated the build. Let me know what you guys think!

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