Announcing New Class and Mastery Badges

my my, those are crispy af :hot_face:

These look great. love that spriggan is the form you choose for the druid icon. spriggan master race <3

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Is it also okay to use these outside of Content Creation like making an avatar out them for Steam?

They look quite sick, amazing work - old were already kinda cool, but they’re a huge improvement and like them even better.

My Favorite would be Shaman, Sorcerer and Force Guard (Lich looks cool too).

Don’t be sheepish mate, tell us what you really think.


“Shaman is actually the best mastery for spriggan form.”
– Quiet, probably

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Amazing work!

I would very much like these to be selectable as our forum images.

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I actually looked for this as I thought it just made sense, but was disappointed.

shaman best for offensive totems. how druid is better for self caster and defense so depends on your goal XD

ok these look great