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All New Website Launches on December 4, 2020

The word is out on our new logo but to add to the gifts of Patch 0.8, we’ll also be launching a new website featuring more in-depth lore content and powered by a comprehensive backend platform to support better user account management, e-commerce, player portal experience and more!


That looks visually astonishing!

This will get alot fo people onboard the hypetrain for Rogue and LE in general.

Great Job, can’t wait to see the whole website

Rock on! :metal:


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Wow. Primalist looks so beefy. Cool stuff! Can’t wait to see it.

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Impressive design! The art team has really switched up a gear for this update


Primalist needs to gain a few more pounds of muscle for me to feel immersed as myself in the game :pinching_hand:

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It looks sick! the art team is amazing.

Love the character models, except for Sentinel. He’s the game’s “tank” class and looks rather timid/undersized compared to the Primalist. Still, graphics team is doing great work!

Size isnt everything. Lots of Arpg’s and MMo’s always have a larger warrior and smaller tank. First thing that comes to my mind is warcraft 3 and lineage 2

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It’s not just the size, though. All of those models have great facial reflections of the class. The Mage looks wise and arrogant. The Rogue looks like she’s lining up a kill shot. The Primalist has his imposing stare. The Acolyte looks like she is planning to kill you in your sleep. But, the Sentinel looks timid; like he’s rethinking his life choices. Maybe it’s the posture, but something just looks wrong about his stance/look.

You guys are perfect example of good studio! New update, new class, site update, listen community… damn! One of a kind!!

Looks amazing. Like the Acolyte’s pose the most. She looks really amazing!

LE is shaping into a really competitive product. You don’t need to hide behind being an indi team. This is high quality AAA stuff you guys/girls put out.

As time moves on, I’m certain that the decision to delay the release was a good one. You’re not only finishing your product. You really polish the hell out of it.



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