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Affix Shard Added to Forge UI Overlap

Prior to the latest 8.1 patch, the text that pops up to tell you that you have affix shards added to the forge was partially transparent and on the right side of the forge/stash GUI, out of the way.

It was changed for some reason, I assume to make it easier to read? But now the positioning goes right over top of my stash and forge and I can’t use anything until I sit there and wait for it to fade. It’s frustrating. I hope this gets addressed.

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Yes, this has been commented on before (by me).

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I agree it’s a bit frustrating and I think also there is a some bugs with the way it’s displayed.

I made a comment on discord about certain issues with Forge interactions. Mike one of the developers commented that they are working on a overhaul of this tab so this might not be an issue in the future.

Sorry. I tried searching for “affix shard forge” and a couple other things and even scanned through the most recent topic titles and didn’t notice it had been reported yet.

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