Add Ailment Scaling Explanation to In-game Guide

I started a Rogue/Marksman focusing on Ailments and I’m super unclear on what does and does not affect the ailment’s damage. The guide does a great job of explaining a lot of mechanics and how scaling works for hit based damage, but doesn’t have an explanation on how ailment scaling works. I was in Zizaran’s chat and asked him if he could explain ailment scaling and he wasn’t sure either. Please add an Ailment Damage Scaling page below the Ailment page in the guide. Things that would be great to clarify:

Do increases/more multipliers to the damage of the skill that’s applying the ailment increase the damage of the ailment?
Armor shred doesn’t increase bleed damage, but phys pen does (gleaned from the Ziz item creation stream)
Poison decreases poison res per stack of poison
Does fire pen increase ignite damage?
Do generic increases to damage from class talent tree increase ailment damage (I’m assuming yes)
Do flat damage increases from class talent tree increase ailment damage (Assuming no)
Do generic increases to phys damage increase bleed? Increases to fire increase ignite?

Overall, I’m a huge fan of the game and LOVE the detailed in-game guide. Can’t wait for multiplayer <3



Of course more explanations are always great, but we need to be careful and not overload the game guide either, because if it’s full of redundant informations it can get daunting.

I can fully understand that there are some specific mechanics, were you are not sure if it works in conjunction with other mechanics, in this case ailments.

But some things are crystal clear from my point of view, i don’t evne know why oyu would think that this is not clear.
Some of the things are rather self-explanatory IMO.
For example:

I don’t know why you would think that those don’t scale ailments?

And some of the things are already explained ingame, but alot of people seem to not pay enough attention to the character sheet and that you can actually hover over stats to get more detailed information.

There are things that are interconnected. Armour does explicitly protect against hits and ailments don’t hit.

So the only information the player need is: “Ailments do not hit”.

The next one is explained in the character sheet:

The only thing from your questions that i can understand are:

Those need to be more clear, but for all the rest there already is the answer in game or it’s rather obvious (for me at least).

Skill nodes within a skill spec tree increase the dmg by ailments applied by that skill.

Unless it specifically states XY deals more hit damage. (or any other conditional effect, that does not corelate with the ailment)

As much for me, I apologize after we enter details and in English via translator I find it difficult to follow everything. I am going to withdraw my comment so that some people are not following wrong things.
I wanted to help, but my English skills wouldn’t allow me.


There is nothing wrong with the desire to help, even if you are wrong.

Just make sure you try to phrase you statements in a way, that people see that “you think” XYZ.
And just try to not sound like:“IT IS THIS WAY”

And everything will be fine.

You also don’t need to withdrawn you comments.
That’s the beauty of the forums, everybody can see the entire post history and nobody should just read one post and take that for granted.

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In general I agree, but this is a request for a fact. Not on an idea. So there is no question of opinion.

So there are good answers and bad answers in this case. Might as well leave the good ones.


I would agree, and I assume by launch there’ll hopefully be an “Ailment Scaling” section or equivalent with more detailed information on how these mechanics operate. Though I probably should just add it to the Community Game Guide in the meantime. Maybe I’ll tackle that when performing future updates to it. :sweat_smile:


Heavy, I agree with some of that, but I don’t think there’s any harm in being explicit with the game guide. I’ve played a couple thousand hours of action RPGs, and the three points you agreed needed clarification and the armor shred vs phys pen are the only ones that I actually wasn’t sure about, but my dad and sister-in-law also play action RPGS and they’re a LOT more casual and being explicit can really help them out.

I think some of this stuff is very subjective and there always will be people that prefer one way over the other.

I personally like of tutorial and in-game guidance is not redundant.

Let’s stick with my example:

At some point you learn or find out that Armour does not protect against non-hits (so ailments and other damage over time effects)

At another point you will learn or find out that Ailments don’t hit.

Now you need your human brain power to connect these two.

I personally would prefer that there is nothing explicitly stating Armour does not protect against ailments and dot’s.
Because if you as a player make those connections yourself, it feels more rewarding and you have a “learning curve” by yourself.

Just to be clear. I would not mind if they would make the game guide super clear and maybe redundant, but i would prefer not to.

There is not wrong or right here, just preference

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