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Abomination Bug


I wanted to play the Abomination and skilled the node “Age of Undeath”. I have the problem that my Abomination still decays when I have under 6 of the skeleton mages/archers/warriors/rogues.

Now I found out that when you have the talent “Dark retribution” skilled and have summoned a vanguard trough the effect it seem to count as an “skeleton warrior/archer/mage/rogue” but its a vanguard.

Is this intended?

Do you sure you have 5 minions collectively (of mages/archers/warriors/rogues) out when Abomination starts decaying?

For example: I have 3 Skeleton Vanguards, 1 Warrior, 1 Archer and 3 Mages and my Abomination doesn’t decay.


yes I had the same constelation as yours and I did decay, not immediatly but after a few seconds it started decaying.

I could not reproduce this. Should to bring up a clip of it happening?

Hmm I tested it again and it seems to work now. I can remember that it didnt worked at the time I opened the ticket. Glad to see that it works how I wanted it to be :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time!

Have a great one, take care!

If it breaks or acts funky, feel free to post here again with a clip and I’ll look at it.

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