A solution to the lack of survivability of non-ward based builds

  1. First And Foremost: There Is No Balance. Stop making this mistake. We’re not here for the ‘balance’, we’re here for the ‘fun’ of the game.
  2. There are no ‘questions of necessity’ except for a simple topic of “ward outperforms HP on the scale of at least 3 to 1”.
  3. A swiftest solution to this huge disparity would be to apply Endurance stat to HP pool as a whole.
  4. Implementation of such a tweak would not require any excessive edits in the code of the game.
  5. Buffing HP builds in such a way will NOT cause any powercreeps as they won’t be able to perform BETTER than current ward Tier 0 farm builds, they’ll just get closer to those.
  6. As for the “removal of an affix”: it won’t be a problem. I’ve said it twice by now. They can simply change the current affix code from “Grant X endurance threshold per tier level” to one of the following options:
  • duplicate the existing “grant X flat HP” (about 10-20% less than the one we currently have);
  • duplicate the existing “grant X flat armor” (also a bit less than the current +armor we have);
  • create a makeshift “grant X hp and Y armor” combined, with both values equal to 40% of the corresponding values in equal tiers of original affixes.

There, problem solved.
I myself find the option no. 2 the most appealing. Ward builds that have ignored Endurance threshold and Endurance as a whole will hate this affix rolling on their gear pieces much less than they do now because it will still be of some limited use to them. HP builds will enjoy the general rework and get their Effective HP pool increase. Everyone will be happy.

Oh gods, can we please stop making faulty examples of “that guy farms 1200 on a HP build, your point is invalid”? It is obvious to just about everyone that you CAN potentially make a HP build that will comfortably farm specific endgame content, its just that ward builds take little to no effort in comparison to reach the same stage of content. WARD IS JUST BETTER. Period. The fact that some random streamer has geared his HP build up to a degree that he can survive a 1400c monolith boss does not mean that ‘everything is fine, nothing needs to be done’.

Yes, and I would enjoy if this game still exists in 5 years and not everybody rushes off since every single update ‘feels shit’ because they fucked up the initial necessary balance.

Balance is important. Underdoing it ruins a game, overdoing it ruins a game.

We have massive power disparity in a measure which other games of the genre gradually get over the course of years… during release. That’s bad. Doesn’t need a genius to see it’s an issue.

That’s the primary question for any change outside of new content…

Yes, removes an affix though from the pool, which can turn out problematic.
If endurance is accordingly balanced though it’s a viable solution.

Buffing HP pools is a powercreep by design…

Makes them extra prevalent compared to other affixes and is also bad for seeing what sort of affix is ‘actually’ on that item.
See a low roll? Oh, I can craft that! Start crafting… turns out it was the ‘bad’ hp affix. Ooops.

Hence I see that solution as a bad one.

I’m sure there’s others available though.

Agreed, the best of the things mentioned.

Which it shouldn’t with the current availability and power-scale of ward. Hence that needs to be handled first to see if we’re at a ‘decent level’ with it. Making 2 changes to the same mechanic makes it hard to get the initial balance right. That’s an important thing because players hate having their power taken away and always ask for ‘don’t nerf, buff other stuff!’ while the nerfing is in most cases the right way to go given new mechanics which cause powercreep are upcoming.

No, We can’t. Not while people are making actual faulty claims like:

And where is anything I said “faulty”? It’s not “that guy” or “some steamer” doing this, it’s lots of people; average people with average gear and average skill, including myself.

Yeah but it could simply be done by tweaking the numbers and scaling. There is realy 0 need to change the basic game mechanics.

I wonder how removing Leech Rate and having it be instant would help the situation. One of the things I’ve noticed about Ward… playing with a hybrid Life/Ward build… is that my ward-on-hit generation is instant.

Also, an increase to Health Potion potency. Instead of a flat 550hp (at lvl 100), make it just be 75% of missing health restored.

Maybe also adjust endurance to function on a % of max health, instead of a flat amount. Make it a baseline of 15% and have it be raised from there, via items and passives… up to a max of 60% of max health, perhaps?

Except OP is asking the same thing though, to change the base mechanic of Endurance instead of buffing Threshold numbers.

The point of changing the mechanics is to prevent systemic scaling issues, not numbers, those can come afterwards. It’s why Endurance doesn’t work on Ward, because otherwise all lowlife builds would be getting access to near-permanent 20-60% DR.

That’s how endurence was designed like forever ^^.

PoE hat insta leech years ago. It utterly fucked up any chance of possible balance since your sustain is solely based on damage and attack speed in that case.
They had to change it since it was impossible to balance around it.