A program akin to PoE's Filterblade?

I’ve been enjoying the ever-living hells out of this game and have really begun to dive deep into the rabbit-hole of trying to tweak and refine an idea for a general loot filter. Though I do like how much more approachable Last Epoch’s filter system is, I know just how much a program like Filterblade for PoE can assist players getting into the game. Not to mention that as this game grows and expands, managing a loot filter on a case-by case basis will become increasingly difficult.

I’ve done a little bit of cursory research, but haven’t really found an equivalent sort of program. There’s Last Epoch Tools’ loot filter sharing, but I haven’t found anything I would call resilient or generalizable in there. So, I’ve begun delving into the idea of creating the program myself. Though I recognize there will be challenges with creating a loot filter program for this game, I feel I would be capable of rising to the challenge for it.

So, I’ve come to the community in the hopes of asking what people would like to see in a loot filter program, concerns they have about potential obstacles, and people’s personal ideas of what a loot filter should look like in this game.

The plan is to have it be an executable written in Python, as I do not have the resources to host a web server. Not to mention that there isn’t a useful sync feature available to us like Filterblade is able to use for PoE. Though I do plan on creating a GUI for the program, I am not particularly skilled at front-end development. If there is someone with Python UI/UX experience wanting to help, feel free to reach out to me.

Potential Problems and FAQs

  • Different builds want different affixes - Though admittedly the early versions are goign to require people to be granular about the affixes they select, I am hoping to have a general survey of ‘what does your build want?’ eventually to set affixes as well as potentially a drop-down of pre-built affix lists for popular and meta builds.
  • What if I want a co-op partner’s loot to show as well? - The idea is to create a filter list on a character-by-character basis that people could share with each other. Then when exporting a filter list give the user the option to add additional characters to their filters. Though this could potentially strain the rule limit, I’ll be looking for a way to minimize the impact of it.
  • Strictness levels - This is something where the specific details will likely need to be played by ear, but I will hopefully be able to generalize in such a way that different playstyles can use the same slider on different points without interference.
  • What about tiering sub-types/affixes? - Tiering sub-types will really only be applicable for a levelling filter in my experience. Affixes on the other hand I am confident I can split into 3, possibly 4 tiers. Top tier is what you want your exalted mods to be (for equipping or legendary potential usage), next down is the affixes you really want on your equipped gear. Next tier is a bit muddier and meant to be affixes you like seeing but their presence isn’t make or break (your resists for instance). Then finally is the tier of affixes you don’t want on your items.
  • How do you plan on handling items to pick up for shattering? - I’m planning on using this list of affixes to determine brackets for affix rarities, and will determine the minimum tier of the affix on a gear with a combination of the rarity and strictness level.

If anyone has questions, or concerns they would like to raise, I am all ears. Though I’m ultimately making this program for my own use, I’d really love to see it become something that the community at large could use.

Given the scarcity dictated by the limit of usable rules, I would first advise you to work on an algorithm that can return an optimised filter rule set after you have provided it with one of your own. It should try to incorporate as many of the rules you provided into as few rules as possible. I think this is the most important thing.

I don’t think you can make a resource like Filterblade work the same way in LE. Filterblade is a requirement in PoE because otherwise you have to learn how to program in the pseudo-language PoE created.
Also, Filterblade works because of the community. Neversink updates the filter every single league. Along with a few others.
Lastly, Filterblade works fine on PoE because every single build is looking for the exact same things, with just a few small variances. When you’re at endgame you usually run the strict or uber strict filter no matter what build you’re using. This is mostly because you’re expected to use trade to get what you need and the filter is optimized for currency.
This doesn’t apply to LE because each build wants different things.

You’re welcome to try, but it’s not an easy task and would mean constant updating each cycle, with a much much bigger time requirement to update it every 3-4 months than it does for PoE.
@Heavy had a general filter available and even he gave up on it because of the big number of variables required.

EDIT: Apart from that, I don’t think most people would like to run a python program on their computer. Gamers tend to be suspicious people.
If you can get something like this to work properly, you’d probably be better off contacting Maxroll, Icy-veins or some similar site and get them to host it for you.

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I have a rough outline of what the loot filter would look like, and for one character it is 26 rules plus 2 times the amount of weapon types you’re looking for. Even if there was potential item bases you wanted across 6 types of weapons, the filter could include two characters on it (so long as that second person only had 5 weapon types). So I’m not too worried about the spacing of it.

If it’s not mg oriented you are fine.

I’m well aware that updating it could become quite the chore, but I feel that I could be up to the task for it. I have too much time on my hands as it is anyways. Regardless, no point thinking too hard about updates if I’m still programming the actual thing itself.

As for the concerns about it being a python program, I’d be releasing it as an exe file and not just the raw python code for accessibility. Though to help with front-end things I may end up coding it in the Godot game engine, which should help with any security fears. As I said, I don’t have the resources or the outreach to really host this as a web service. Not to mention that means coding front-end for a web-site which is arguably more terrifying to me.

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I presume you mean mid-game for mg? That would be the reason for a strictness level to be incorporated.

I’m sure that if you get a working algorithm for it one of those sites would help you with that. It would be a good tool to bring numbers to their site, after all. But yes, you should first get it working.
Worst case scenario, you can simply place it on github like many PoE addons.

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