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1-H and 2-H Chance-to-Bleed Axes Not Showing in Character Sheet

Both the Wengari Axes and Great Axes are not showing their implicit bleed chance in the character sheet. They DO grant the intended chance to bleed, but it isn’t being displayed correctly:
Base sheet with a chance-to-bleed axe showing 0% chance

Image showing that it is indeed causing bleeds

Hope you guys get this stuff ironed out. Love the game so far!

Your Bleed Chance stat only shows your global bleed chance that applies to every type of hit you do.

“Chance to Bleed on Melee Hit” is specific to melee hits only and thus isn’t shown in that stat. This is the same for all other global stats. Another example, “Chance to Ignite on Bow Hit” would not show in your Ignite Chance because it’s specific to bow hits.

The Character Sheet will be receiving a future update that will break these stats down further for you. I’m unsure when this change will come, but they’re working on it.


AndrewTilley is correct. Since it’s specifically melee bleed it would not show on the character sheet.