[1.1] Heavy'z Casual Loot Filters for all Classes v4.1

Well, it’s already sold so if I’ll see it again, I’ll let you know. But there was even an armor low level. Hard to guess now…

And it was not recolored because of a class affix?

I just doubled checked all class filters and especially the sentinel filter you are refering too. Didn’t found any issues.

Did you add any of your own rules?

It was not colored and no, I have just another filter to hide all white and blue items… I’ll let you know if I see it again…

I did found the issue, was not aware those can actually drop.

The lvl 0 body armours were not included in the base type selection until the latest patch.
Will release new Loot Filter version soon.

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New Version, with slightly renamed Loot Filter and one new improvement available now.

v1.5 (21.10.2020)

  • Included LVL 0 Body Armour’s in the Level Dependant Hide Rules for all Classes
  • Renamed Lootfilters to Heavy’z CLF + Game Version + Loot Filter Version

So proud of myself. Fought against my grognardian personality and took my first steps into the loot filter using your amazing casual’s filters. thanks for this! it should teach me how they work. (i like to tinker. )

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Thanks for the filter, it’s really helpful.

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As a little heads-up for people.

I will try to release a Rogue Version of my loot filter asap when the patch goes live.
Expect it within 1-2 hours, when the patch goes live, depending on how big the patch download size is.


Thanks for sharing your filters ! I’ll test one on my new reroll.

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You are a godsend. Keep up the awesome work you’re doing for the community! Your loot filters are amazing!


v.1.6 (4.12.2020)

  • Added new filter for Rogue Classes, introduced with Patch 0.8
  • Added new optional rule for new item types introduced with 0.8 (Bows, Quivers & Daggers)

v1.7 (4.12.2020)

  • Corrected typos in Rogue Filter
  • Added 2 new rules for Endgame Bow and Dagger Bases on Rogue Filter
  • Added “Only show highest usable bases” condition for the “Recolor All Bows, Quivers & Daggers” Rule
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Great job! Thanks!

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Thank you so much mate! This helped me tremendously to get into the loot filter customization.

I used it as a base and I tweaked it according to my needs. Kudos once again and have a great day :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Glad you like it.

That’s exactly what i hope most people will do with my Filters. Try to get a bit more into the whole system and then learning and adjusting from that point.

At first i really was not sure how to handle the new items and bows being rogue specific drops, to not overdo recoluring, but still keep desireable stuff recoloured. But i think i found a good solution until we have a mroe advanced loot filter.

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Thx a lot for the really good filters …no way i could have done that myself !

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Thank you, these are awesome!

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As someone who is quite overwhelmed by the versatility of the loot filter and gave up trying to make one for each of my umpteen billion alts…

Thank you so much for making these and breaking down how you did so that we can learn from them!!!


Much like everyone else much appreciate this filter , I tried making my own but its very overwhelming.
On yours how would I go about hiding alot of what is still showing thats kind of random.
I really dont want anything to show unless it has (x) affix in (x) tier.

Thank you.

So the first step of making my base loot filter alot more strict, would be hiding base types that you have absolutely no interest in using. For example, specific weapon types.

So if we assume you are playing a mage, you will most likely want a Wand + Catalyst or a 2H Staff. In that case you could hide all other weapon types you are not using.

I did put a small explanation here:

The hyperlink will guide you to a 2 image album that show you how i did hide wands and catalysts.
It’s a “Hide → Item Type → Select all undesired weapon types” Rule.
You do need to adapt for your desired weapon types of course.
Put that hide rule at the top, just below the show Unique/Set/Exalted Items Rule.

This is already a big improvement, to show less loot overall.

If you are not interested in all class affixes of your class you could already remove undesired class-specific affixes from my recolor rule.
You can also add a affix tier condition to the existing rule.
To go one step further, you can then drag that rule at the very bottom, so you only see endgame bases with those class-affixes.
Here are all the steps as images, these steps can be applied to other classes too of course, with their respective class gear affix rules.

Now you could also create a rule for non-class specific affixes. This rule can also have a affix tier condition. Just create a “Recolor” rule with affix condition and set any affixes and tiers you desire.
I would also put this rule at the very bottom, so only the endgame bases get recolored.

All of this would not filter weapons by affixes yet, since the show rule for all the weapon base types are at the top of the filter.

I suggest you check out my Loot Filter Guide and try to understand all the stuff i explained here and in that guide.

If you still need more help with filtering even more(also the weapons). Feel free to come back here and ask.

But once you understood how the loot filter works, it becoems less and less daunting and you can do your own stuff pretty quickly.