[1.0] Heavy'z Casual Loot Filters for all Classes v4

It does not filter gold for me. None of these.

I even tryed to reproduce a new filter to filter out gold, didn’t achieve that.

There is currently no way to filter neither gold nor crafting shard i think.

Is that gold hiding persistent for you? Or maybe it was a temporary bug and you thought it was caused by my loot filter?

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It must have been a bug. I don’t know how to reproduce.

I got some in depth thx

v1.3 now available

Affix “Indigo” (Damage Dealt To Mana Before Health) was missing from class specific recoloring, because it was in a wrong category, which got fixed with 0.7.10b)
Now it’s included in Mage Class Filter Colouring (Blue) + Class Specific Recolouring for other classes (Pink)

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Just warning for people who looking for : freeze rate per stack of chill.
Its by mistake in ailments section.

That is no mistake, that is not class specific affix, like alot of other affixes that are avaialble for multiple, but not all classes.

I am actually working right now on additional optional stuff for rare affixes. Coming soon.

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Once again, thank you for creating these. With that being said, here is the feedback I promised based on my use.
I am using the Mage filter at the moment and turned off the following filter options:
Hide 12 Types
Recolor items >45 affixes (this means the filter options for more than 45)
Hide non-mage specific items (I will turn this off and on depending on what I’m doing. I like to be able to see if I drop something one of my other characters can use, when I get them there)
I am still playing with the filter so there may be more feedback later.

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Thank you for the feedback.

Just to clarify.

You disabled the “Hide 12 Types” Rule, to see all Weapons? Even very low level ones?
That is fair if you want to collect them for alts.

You do have the “Pink”, “Turquoise” and “Red” recolor options disabled?
Those are the options that are turned off by default anyway, since they are explicitly optional as i have described it in my OP.

And you disabled the hide rule for other class specific gear?
Also just to possibly collect stuff for alts.

All of those are fair points and what i thought people might be doing ,depending on how strict they want the fitler to be.

I personally would never want to see so many items, especially for higher endgame.
But all of your options are fine for levleing i guess.

But generally you are statisfied with my filter? I mean all of your metioned stuff is just to show mroe stuff for potential alts?

Appreciate the feedback anyway!

Correct on the “Pink”, etc. Yes they are disabled by default and I don’t turn them on due to the reason I mentioned.
Yes on the class specific gear for alts.
When I reach end game, I just started monliths (I’m 52 now) so starting that end game, and will be using more to filter out other gear.
I am very satisfied with it.

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New Version 1.4 is out now.

New renamed functionality from Patch [0.7.10c] utilized.

v1.4 (16.10.2020)

  • Renamed some of the Rules, to clarify their function, with the new functionality added in [0.7.10c], making it easier for new user to quickly identify what the rules are doing

This is massively helpful. Someone get Heavy a beverage of their choice.

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Great work, @Heavy.

Can I suggest that you add game and filter version numbers to filter descriptions?

Such as “Heavy’s Casual Loot Filter Mage 0.7.10c v1.4”

Players could then have, say 1.3 and 1.4 versions in their loot filter list and can then swap between them to see what changes you made and how you made them.

This could possibly help players understand and refine their own filters by comparing the ones you made.

It would also help them to know whether they are running the latest version or need to download an updated one.


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Great suggestion, i will implement with the next changes i will do.

Thank you for the idea.

Very cool indeed

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Another suggestion:

What about an “Alt” option? So never show white items from the beginning and look only for higher tier stuff beginning from level 10-15 with an option to enable or disable for each section? If there is something like it I’m bilnd but when I use all my stuff from my stash tabs I don’t need any gear before 50 so to speak. This might open up your Loot Filter to more people and lead to more feedback from people with a bit more playtime who might have new input.

I am not sure if i fully understand, maybe you can elaborate on that.

Ok hiding normal items earlier might be ok, but that really doesn’t disturb your looting flow too. Early on there is so much less loot.

What do you mean with “sections”?

Well there are some lvl 40-50 bases that are “endgame worthy” and i tried to carefully not filter out any potential usable bases, that’s why my fitler is very generic.

I could add options for a more strict filter that ONLY shows the most recent bases for each lvl bracket, but i don’t think that is a particularly good idea.

I know what you mean, but i think everyone with a more “advanced” approach to looting/loot filter, will most likely create their own loot filter anyway, since it is really not that hard in LE.

I appreciate your feedback, but maybe give me some mroe concrete exampels, what YOU would like to see? If this is even stuff you would be interested in.

The checkboxes. If I play an alt with no intrest in items under T4 affixes I wish there was a rule to cut out every items (white, blue and yellow) that has no T4 rolls. So if you want the more strict filter you can check or uncheck it. Your filters will stay the same with an optional button that simply reduce the clutter in the beginning if you have a stash full of level gear.

Yes there are some good bases in the lvl 40-50 range and there will always be good low level bases like Silver rings for MS, The HP amu and rings, The all res rings and so on and so forth.

Most people do this yes, then again I’m pretty sure some players wan’t to see the differences in filters to find “the best” lootfilter :).

Well yeah, i could add some hide all items, unless they have at least one T4 or higher affix.
That could work in conjuction with the recolor all T4 or higher red.

Sadly, there is not function to make multiple T4 or higher items visible, only ones that have at least 1 T4, which is already too low for some crafting, if the rest is not good enough.

Well accessories are a total other thing, sicne all accessories are “low level”.
I was more specificly talking about the “armor slots”

Hi man, thanks for the filter. However do you know why using your sentinel filter shows also armors, belts ilvl 20, 32 even though I am 70? I even switched from max lvl below from 30 to 20 but…

It’s strange. I think I got it from the chest after mono.

I would need some specific examples, all loot filters should only show “Noble Sash”, “Bronze Belt” and “Ranger’s Belt” as base belt types from lvl 45 onwards.

Noble Sash is “just” lvl 32, but is a Max Mana belt, which is really strong and “endgame worthy” for certain builds.

If you have a more precise example what did show and you din’t expect it to show i may can clarify.