[0.9.1] Heavy'z Casual Loot Filters for all Classes v3

thanks for keeping doing this!

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Thanks for the hard work on these. Will download them and mess around with then for a bit to fit my style.

Keep it up!

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Users/user/ does not exist for me for some reason. I checked hidden too. Not sure exactly where the root directory for this game resides on my computer.

Edit: Nevermind, I figured out the directory through Steam.

Thank you very much for these awesome filters and for all the work you’re still putting in! :metal:

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Thanks one more time, I started the game in november and since then Im using your filter. Its great. Both simple enough so anyone can use and adjust it and detailed only as necessary.

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Thank you very much. I will use your Acolyte loot filter!

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Hey guys! The Rogue filters dont work. Any other filter does work. Anyone can help pls?

Hey there, have you tried both methods? (Manually copying XML files to the proper location and copy pastebin content from clipboard?)

What exactly does not work? Do you get an error or is the filter corrupt?

Oh hey Heavy! Yeah, I tried pastebin and XML. For my Druid and Sentinel that worked. All the rules dont work in rogue filter, no crash here

Hm, I can’t really tell you what the issue is, I just sanity checked the rogue filter and both XML and pastebin works for me.

Couple of things you can try:

  • Steam File Verfiy
  • Remove all Loot Filters from your Loot Filter Folder (copy them somewhere else)

Thank you Heavy, I will try!
Another question: My main story is broke with Druid. I have 2 main quests in different stages cause my buddy was further in the story. I cant continue my older main quest. Is there any fix in future?

And thx, I really appreciate your help!!

You should be able to continue the older main quest. What one is it?

Hey, Lllama8! Its “The Immortal Empire” - “Find the Outcasts in the Risen Lake”. The outcast seer event doesnt trigger.

Yo @Heavy ! Looks like the pastebin link to the mage filter is broken. Thank you for your work btw!

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Thanks for letting me know.

This is on pastebin’s end, the public pastebin vanished.
I replaced the Mage Fitler Pastebin link with a backup link while pastebin firgures out what happened. (This is the secodn time this is happening for the Mage Filter)

I just updated the title without doing any changes to the loot filter, since there are no relevant changes in Patch 0.9.1 to adjust the loot filters.

Weaver’s Will Items are just regualr uniques for all intents and purposes and will be shown

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Thank you for those template :heart::heart:

Just noticed an issue with the class specific idol filters, some of the affixes that are also available on general idols are not filtered for with class idols because they only show up as general affixes causing these class idols to be hidden.

example idol

Hello and welcome to the LE Forums.

Thank you for the input.

I will consider doing some changes to this.
I don’t think this is very important though, because I do not have any hide rules for idols and generally class specific idols do have 2 affixes.

I think there are no or very few cases where a class specific idol has 2 affixes that are both also available on general idols.

Thanks for the welcome.

There’s actually a fair number of possible combinations that get hidden, seems they get caught by the rule that generally hides all class items for other classes which means it will only effect when you want to farm for alts.

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